• There Are No Winners Here: The First 2012 Presidential Election Debate.

    Poor President Obama was not a trial lawyer; he was a law professor, and it showed last night. When Mitt was telling lie after lie in the thin air of Denver, (28 and counting) all he could do was stare at him like a deer caught in the middle of the night on a country road. And, to his credit, the more Mitt got away with it, is the more he lied. The shady narcotics cop had the law professor on the run.
    In so many words, the Field Negro lays down how President Obama wound up looking outgunned during the Denver debate. Personally, I don't think the president was prepared for the never-ending stream of bullshit that came his way during the debate, nor was he quite ready for the jaw-dropping speed and tenacity of Romney polka dancing his way towards dead center.

    As for winners and losers, there weren't any. Romney's forceful performance, much of which consisted of the well-heeled Massachusetts governor running roughshod over debate moderator Jim Lehrer, might have convinced the media, Teabaggers and low-information voters that he was the winner, but the metric fuckton of lies and half-truths dispensed during the debate will be his undoing down the road. At best, Romney's performance earned him a Pyrrhic victory.

    Meanwhile, Obama's performance seemed factual, but feeble. As many others mentioned, President Obama isn't much of a tenacious debater and his performance trended more towards the Field Negro's quoted description. Perhaps he was trying as hard as he could to keep his inner Angry Black Man's black ass from booking an instantaneous flight from D.C. to Denver. Some people don't like it when that guy shows up.

    This is just one debate out of many. Next up: Joe Biden takes on Paul Ryan. Without any Angry Black Men around to gum up the works, that debate might have more of the satisfying knock-down drag-out scrapping many people were expecting.

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