• Everything You Ever Wanted On A Silver Platter.

    There are plenty of cynics among us, especially those who are bitter about the president not being able to give them everything they ever wanted on a silver platter in the first 100 days of his administration. That bitterness takes over when he finally manages to get something done in the face of a completely insane and obstinate legislature. Frankly, we could have kept this from being a problem back in 2010, but hindsight is 20/20. Which is why reading how this guy didn't get his pony exactly when he wanted it pissed me off to no end:

    At first I was just going to ignore this travesty, because it’s a move so clearly calculated to drum up attention among the gays that really it should just be ignored. I mean, big words, big deal; put your legislation where your mouth is if you want to impress me. But then the blissed-out, adoring responses started appearing in the media. And on Tumblr. And on my Facebook feed. “My hero!” trumpeted one acquaintance on Facebook. “Such a brave move for Obama!” announced a Tumblrite. Again, are you kidding me? The man is the president of the United Fucking States. Have you guys ever read that little “Declaration of Independence” thing? It’s 2012, for fuck’s sake. This isn’t some backwater redneck hick who’s suddenly seen the light of day. We’re getting this excited because a Columbia- and Harvard-education lawyer from Chicago supports the idea of equal rights? He hasn’t actually done anything yet - he’s just not opposed. And everyone’s acting like this is some huge ethical revelation or act of moral clarity. Seriously?

    And it goes on and on. Seriously, I lose respect for people who choose to stamp their feet and throw a shit fit when they're not instantly gratified.

    Obama’s 100 Days should have reflected that slogan. He should have gone into the White House four years ago and done exactly what he received a mandate from the people to do - shake shit up, and fast. Obama’s should have pushed harder, more immediately, and further on health care. He shouldn’t have surrendered to Congressional Republicans so quickly. Once he had a health care reform in his pocket, he should have worked quickly and aggressively to solidify the coalition that had put him in office. DADT should have disappeared within the first 6 months of the Obama administration. He should have worked quickly and aggressively to undo Bush-era policies on abortion, HIV, and education, which would have put the gays, the feminists, and the teachers’ unions firmly in his pocket. If Obama had had any true vision beyond “Change” as an empty slogan, or if he had had any loyalty to the people who believed in and supported him to begin with, he would have worked first and foremost to fulfill those campaign promises.

    Franklin Delano Roosevelt had a mandate from the American people to shake shit up and get things done when he came into office. Most of the changes he helped push through during his first term were spat back out. If Obama had charged in hard and fast like many people wanted him to, chances are the blowback would have been so fierce that it would have left the rest of his term in shambles and the GOP that much more dedicated towards blocking practically every "socialist" legislation he had in mind.

    The net effect would had been a one-term presidency. But that's okay, since he martyred himself upon the altar of uncompromising progressiveness. I'm fed up with people wanting the president to martyr himself in the name of emo-progressive purity.

    In short, Mr. President, I’m thoroughly unimpressed by your manipulation of my identity group for your own political gain.

    And I'm thoroughly unimpressed by your temper tantrum. Give the man some time to get the shit you want done...done.