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    "Different Day, Same Shit" is a blog that covers a variety of social, economic and political issues that affect Americans on a daily basis. Commentary on the blog is direct, blunt and to-the-point. Sometimes, it can get a bit coarse. No one said anything about this place being family-friendly.

    Mack Lyons administers the blog and provides intellectually stimulating and thought-provoking commentary as his busy schedule permits. Readers may occasionally see him provide commentary at "Field Negro" and "The Intersection of Madness and Reality", among other blogs and forums. His outside interests include technology, history, fine arts, photography, and studying the lost arts of the eloquent verbal bitch-slap. He constantly wonders whether he should continue using the ages-old Oxford comma or succumb to the new-and-improved AP-style of writing.

    The views of Mack Lyons in no way reflect those of any other association, organization, entity, group or individual. If you're easily offended, that's not his problem. If you're looking for something to start something over, find another blog.

    To get in touch with Mack Lyons about advertising opportunities and media matters, contact him at macklyons2011 [at] gmail.com.

    Mack's Twitter feed is constantly updated. His Tumblr page, less so. His Facebook page is a lonely, lonely environment that needs plenty of love and/or attention. He's still getting the hang of this whole "social media" thing.