• Well, That Was Quick.

    You have to give the Republican National Committee credit for knocking out a new attack ad straight after the Vice Presidential debates. While Vice President Joe Biden's derisive chuckling made for lovely Twitter fodder, this was probably why so many people wanted ol' Crazy Joe to mask his contempt for veep hopeful Paul Ryan. Then again, there are a million things the RNC and others could use to create an attack ad.

    Perhaps Joe Biden should have been as somber and as stone-faced as possible. I'm sure people will ding him for being too "aloof" or "unresponsive." One way or another, you just can't win.

    Keep in mind the RNC haven't yet found anything substantive to bang Biden on, hence the above. Meanwhile, Think Progress was keeping tabs on the entire debate with a series of wonderful live posts. Great for calling out the loads of malarkey Ryan tried throwing at Biden and the audience.