• House Rules

    DDSS House Rules
    Revised 7/17/13

    "Different Day, Same Shit" aims to cultivate informative, enlightening and productive discussion among readers concerning the day's blog posts or, in the case of open threads, just informative discussion, period.

    As such, DDSS does not condone nor will tolerate anyone conducting the following activities:

    • Harassing, defaming or disparaging fellow commentators.
    • Harassing, defaming or disparaging the blog owner.
    • Deliberately interfering with the natural progress of the thread (derailing, redirecting, etc).
    • Engaging in Internet trolling, including "concern trolling," tone-deaf racial trolling or any other form of trolling behavior.
    • Posting inflammatory or obscene material.
    • Posting comments containing spam links and advertisements.
    • Creating "anonymous" user accounts for the sole purpose of trolling or flaming the comments section.

    Such actions are looked down upon by the blog owner. These actions will result in corrective action facilitated by the blog owner to restore the sanctity and flow of the comments section. Repeat offenders will lose their commenting privileges.

    Long story short, It's a good idea to abide by the house rules.

    All blog posts are closed to commenting after five days, unless otherwise specified by the blog owner. This is to prevent the comments sections of older blog posts from being inundated with spam or posts that are in violation of the House Rules.

    Mack Lyons
    Owner, DDSS