• Putting The 'White' Back In The White House.

    On Friday, a man was photographed by Getty Images at a rally for the Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan ticket in Lancaster, Ohio, wearing a T-shirt that read "Put The White Back In the White House." Conservatives now say the man may have been a liberal plant designed to make Romney look bad, and the GOP nominee has disavowed the racist T-shirt. On Saturday, a Romney spokesperson told Buzzfeed the shirt is "reprehensible and has no place in this election."

    A "liberal plant" is probably one of the lamest excuses offered so far. Besides, Mitt Romney doesn't need some guy in a T-shirt to make him look bad, since he's spent his entire campaign making himself look like extruded crap.

    What's more telling is how certain segments of this nation's population would rather choose a capricious, tone-deaf and arrogant man who cares nothing about the ordinary population save for their ability to generate greater wealth for him and his peers over a man who's made some serious strides towards helping Americans of all walks of life, for the sole reason of his ethnic makeup. You give these people a knife and tell them a black man was living inside of their stomachs and they'll stab away with sheer, uninhibited gusto.