• Taking a Walk Through the (un)Amusement Park.

    The other day, I was nose-deep into Abagond's blog post on Frantz Fanon's "Black Skin, White Masks," a book that delves into the psychology of racism from a unique non-American perspective. In a sense, it looks into how European colonialism, the dominance of general culture by whites and rampant racism affected the black psyche, while also revealing a lot about Fanon's own psyche. Needless to say, it's an enlightening read.

    Probably less enlightening is the backtrack link found at the very end of the blog comments. The backtrack leads to Unamusement Park, a blog that purports itself to be in support of "white rights, white racial consciousness and positive white identity." It's the sort of thing that makes you groan when you see it, more so when you see what one of the guest bloggers cooked up in his spare time.

    The cultivation of "white rights, white racial consciousness and positive white identity" seem like odd concepts for a "majority" group to engage in. Whites are the majority power in many countries, so the idea of "white rights" is already codified into law, except that it's not known as "white rights" -- being the majority, the rights of whites are already assumed and are thus referred to in the general sense, without any racial identifiers needed. Whites are the majority in the world, in regards to socioeconomic and cultural terms, so the idea of "positive white identity" is unnecessary for a group that is not only automatically seen in a positive light by most, but can also manufacture a positive identity for itself with relative ease and force other groups to acknowledge said identity.

    "White racial consciousness" seems a bit difficult to parse until it's explained in great detail. The term "white people" is used within the United States to describe people whose ancestry traces back to England, Ireland, France, Germany and other European nations. For Americans, its a way to describe yourself without wasting time explaining how you're Scots-Irish on your mother's side and Polish with a hint of some scarcely-known Moldavian ancestry on your father's side. The concept of "white racial consciousness" may seem innocuous until you read up on the history of so-called "white pride" groups and their track records for promoting and engaging in tactics designed to sew racially-motivated discord and violence against other races. In that regard, the concept of "white racial consciousness" sounds like a softer, dampened cry for "white pride."

    With that said, it's amusing to see whites who feel threatened by the prospect of losing that feeling of cultural dominance attempt to reassert their own "whiteness" on the world with the following:

    Guest poster "1951" has created no less than five flyers to support his “proud to be white” campaign, which promotes what he calls the “Three Truths”:

    white people exist,
    white people have the right to exist, and
    white people have the right to exist as white people.

    After all, as 1951 explains in a follow-up comment,

    If we won’t even recognize our own existence, there’s certainly no hope of restoring our civilization. The task of creating an authentic white consciousness among the hoi polloi is therefore, in my opinion, Job One.

    If we can get this message across to Joe and Jane Nascar, we will win the war. There will be too many of us to stop.

    If you come from an ethnic minority group that's suffered numerous attempts at marginalization, exploitation and genocide, attempted or fulfilled, it's extremely difficult to see the ethnic majority as an "threatened species." The fact that these people see themselves as being in a war for their own existence when such an existence is already all but guaranteed should set off all sorts of alarm bells.

    The blog's existence seems predicated towards the assumption that other races not only despise whites, but also seek to marginalize white culture and influence, with the eventual goal of exterminating whites altogether. It's the sort of fear-mongering that lesser individuals like David Duke would say to keep ordinary whites hopped up on racially-driven fear and suspicion of other ethnic groups.

    To make things clear, no one despises "white people," again a term used largely by Americans of mostly European descent to describe themselves and others who share the same appearance without having to dive into the rabbit hole of where their bloodlines lay. No, it's the actions of said "white people," individually and as a culture, that people despise. It's a distinction missed by a number of people who claim the rest of the world is out to get whites just because of who they are. Again, it's what they do, in an individual and cultural sense, that draws ire from others.

    EDIT: Read the rest of Abagond's posts on "Black Skins, White Masks" here.