• Gearing Up For The Second Presidential Debate.

    A certain group of liberals complained about Joe Biden's drubbing of Paul Ryan during the VP debates. Not because he won the debate, but because of the way he won it. By derisively mocking the living daylights out of the Republican congressman and VP candidate, he crossed a line that these folks can't bear to see crossed.

    "The smile, the laugh, I think a lot of people maybe view that and think that he was a little too hot, too aggressive, maybe condescending," said NBC's David Gregory of Joe Biden's debate performance.

    A little too hot. Too aggressive. Perhaps condescending. These are traits that are perfectly acceptable in GOP candidates but anathema to Democrats. If the situation was reversed, everyone would be wondering why Biden couldn't have been a bit more aggressive. As I said before, you just can't win.

    President Obama couldn't afford to be anywhere above lukewarm, anywhere near aggressive or even the least bit condescending, lest he be deemed an "Angry Black Man" or worse, an "uppity negro/ni*CLANG*."  Crazy Joe had to harness that "Angry Black Man" on his behalf, essentially.

    Hopefully, the president won't let his past performance dictate what happens during this debate. President Obama has to bring his A-game this time, otherwise the results could have disastrous consequences.