• Chik-Fil-A Cries Uncle.

    Chick-fil-A has reportedly promised not to donate to any more anti-gay causes, and they promise to conduct a bit of diversity training in their stores. It looks on the surface as if they relented so they can finally build a store in Chicago. But that's just silly.

    This isn't just about the Chicago store. The company makes more than enough money elsewhere to survive without a store in Chicago. They were obviously being hurt all over the country, because a lot of regular people just don't like to buy stuff from bigots. The company has lofty goals when it comes to stores and sales, and it didn't want to be a "South-only" store. There were many signs that its $4 billion annual sales were taking a pretty decent hit, and as their reputation sunk in, the chances of reversing it would lessen as time goes on. Huge companies don't regain reputations they lost simply because they "change their mind."

    As a company that wears its version of Christianity on its sleeve, it's just too bad they didn't change their position on gay rights because it was the right thing to do. Jesus would be in favor of civil gay marriage; anyone with a Bible should be able to figure that out.

    I knew this would happen. In spite of the initial boost of sales from proud conservatives, Chic-Fil-A ended up sucking wind due to most ordinary customers staying away in droves. Come to think of it, I haven't had any of those Chic-Fil-A sandwiches since the boycott began, although the thought of one crosses my mind every once in a while. What stops me is the off-chance of having to interact with some conservative professing his love of the southern culinary creation and the company's political steadfastness. I just want something to eat, not a political lecture while waiting in line...