• An Underlying Terminal Illness Affecting The National Psyche.

    The following is a response posted on Redeye's Front Page, specifically in response to commentator "FED UP" and his accusation of blacks milking Jim Crow, slavery, segregation and other historic and current instances of racism, presumably for entitlements, freebies and sympathy.

    "Mack you and others refuse to believe that black racism exist and keep stirring the pot of Jim Crowe with a big spoon."

    Funny, that's the same argument made by a certain conservative who spent his time giving feedback to other blogs, only his argument is framed as the above being perpetuated by liberals and black civil rights and media establishments in a cycle of grievance-driven co-dependency.

    This was my response:

    I might have an idea as to why you see "black racism" as somehow being an even bigger problem than the existing white racism.

    The previous de facto and de jure racial mistreatment did not affect you, since you were of the majority of Americans who had the luxury of not having to deal with such issues.

    When those de facto and de jure policies were largely done away with, you saw groups such as the NAACP advocating the "leveling of the playing field," which you saw as black Americans getting special treatment and privileges that you honestly believe they did not deserve.

    The problem of blacks not being able to advance in a largely white environment was never much of a concern to you. You most likely justified such inability as being proof positive of blacks somehow not being smart enough or good enough to hack it with whites. The prospect of whites deliberately preventing black advancement never crossed your mind, since you never thought you and yours were capable of visiting such harm to people.

    Which is why when the issue of slavery and Jim Crow come up, you become incredulous at the idea that your fellow whites were malevolent enough to visit mistreatment upon blacks without due cause. Of course, there must have been a reason for all of this to happen in the first place.

    The constant issue of racism against blacks and how slavery and Jim Crow shaped the black community annoys you to no end. It's simply an argument that's designed to make you feel sorry for blacks, allow them to raid your wallet in an neverending frenzy of taxpayer funds and get them off the hook when it comes to crime.

    You see Affirmative Action as employment privileges bestowed by guilt-ridden whites unto blacks who are obviously not capable enough to attain such employment. Race-based acceptance into colleges and universities are just gimmes handed over by emotionally-manipulated whites to blacks who obviously wouldn't hack it in these centers of higher learning if they didn't waltz in on their crutches. Of course, the history of systematic denial of both educational and employment opportunities by white society never factor in on your outlook.

    Back to those crime figures. Just looking at those makes you believe that there's something wrong with the black "race," that there must be some sort of natural affinity that blacks have towards crime and criminal behavior. This, of course, affects you since you fear having your wallet stolen by some black lout at some point in your life. The only method of control and containment you'd advocate is incarceration and imprisonment, because it takes most of the criminal blacks off the streets, thereby making you at least feel somewhat safer. Looking at the underlying causes of said criminal activity and so-called affinity is of no concern to you, since you are not concerned about the well-being of black society, but of your own.

    You see the crimes committed by blacks against victims who happen to be white as an act of racially-motivated revenge for "past misdeeds" against a people who have, in your opinion, nursed their grudges for far too long and should therefore drop such petty grievances and integrate themselves into white society as the European and Asian immigrants have done. If blacks happened to be of a much lighter skin tone that didn't make them prone to being singled out effectively as targets of discrimination, perhaps this would be much easier. After all, an Irishman can hide his heritage fairly well. The same does not bode well for a dark-skinned black man.

    For some people, even the image of a black person inspires an innate fear that can only be explained as an "extreme color-aroused response." This response is used to generate fear-driven support, voting patterns and legislation that continue to curtail black advancement while promoting policies that paint blacks as some sort of defective race that must be restrained by legal and social bonds, whereupon the blacks are, for their own good, pressed into the service of white Americans in conducting menial labor as a way of keeping their feeble minds busy while allowing white Americans, or at least those of considerable wealth, to profit and benefit from their work.

    "Black racism," or at least the prospect of "black revenge" looms large in your mind, as you can see yourself losing much of your material wealth, the collective social standing of your people as the "majority" and quite possibly your own life as a consequence of this "black revenge." Not saying that blacks are incapable of being racist, but the proportion of which people should take black racism seriously is, to put it diplomatically, overblown.

    Views such as FED UP's are the end result of the consistent brainwashing of ordinary Americans into believing that blacks were somehow inferior, beast-like or sub-human. This brainwashing was facilitated by a number of moneyed interests who were, at the time, adamant about maintaining the slave trade, as it brought them considerable profits and vast social power. At the same time, poor whites were brainwashed into the believing that blacks were somehow inferior to them. This allowed poor whites who were frustrated over being screwed socially and economically by their wealthier brethren to have a punching bag to release their collective stress upon. Meanwhile, any chance of poor whites and blacks uniting against wealthy whites were killed stone dead by the cancerous divide-and-conquer tactic.

    It's something that still goes on til this very day. It is a terminal illness that may never go away in any of our lifetimes.