• Odds and Ends.

    Mittens winning the Florida primary was a far-gone conclusion, considering how southern belle Newt Gingrich realized that the same tactics that won him the South Carolina primary wouldn't work in the Sunshine State and how Rick Santorum was being, well, Rick Santorum. The "rape babies are gifts from God" thing didn't do him any favors, and despite his performance at the debate prior to the primary, he still clocked in at a distant third.

    At any rate, I'm glad to see Rick's kid pull through okay. Trisomy 18 is no laughing matter and neither is pneumonia in both lungs. Given that he's already lost a child, the last thing he needs is the loss of another. Of course, some people are wishing otherwise.

    Only 19 tweets since mid-December and this person is already attempting to make a name for his/herself by crafting these beyond-the-pale tweets. If you find yourself wishing death on a three-year-old just because she's the daughter of a guy you happen to loath, you'd probably need to step away from the keyboard for a while and rethink your life.

    Last, but not least, Jeffery Goldberg tells the rest of America what plenty of us already know about the GOP primary:

    Here are some things you could learn about black Americans from the recent statements and insinuations of Republican presidential candidates, Republican congressmen and Republican-friendly radio personalities:

    Black people have lost the desire to perform a day’s work. Black people rely on food stamps provided to them by white taxpayers. Black people, including Barack and Michelle Obama, believe that the U.S. owes them something because they are black. Black children should work as janitors in their high schools as a way to keep them from becoming pimps. And the pathologies afflicting black Americans are caused partly by the Democratic Party, which has created in them a dependency on government not dissimilar to the forced dependency of slaves on their owners.

    Judging by these claims, all of which have actually been put forward recently, here is a modest prediction: This presidential election will be one of the most race- soaked in recent history. It is already more race-soaked than the 2008 election, which, of course, marked the first time that a black man became a major-party candidate.

    Yes, Jeff. Tell us more shit we already know. We're all ears.