• The 2012 Presidential Candidacy Rundown.

    I'll admit right off the bat that I'm not a political pundit, and that most times I lack the time and desire to expound on the political goings on like they do. They eat, sleep and breathe this stuff. I breathe air, eat semi-healthy food and sleep on a bed.

    But I do have an interest in what happens in politics, especially when such events help plot this nation on a course that's bound to have it scrape the side of an otherwise-avoided iceberg. For all its faults, I like this nation, and I don't want it driven into the ground by a bunch of destructive people.

    Hang this over your kid's bed this Halloween.
    Too bad they'll be scarred for life.

    The lady with the 10x∞ crazy eyes is Michele Bachmann, winner of the Iowa straw poll and winner of the first of many political slap-fights between presidential candidates to occur before the GOP convention shakes out one lucky candidate to face president Barack Obama in the 2012 elections. Since Sarah Palin's presumably staring at Russia through her bedroom window, so to speak, this is the new, female face of the GOP's Tea Party contingent.

    And then we have Tim Pawlenty. He doesn't get a picture, because no one cares about him any more. No one really cares about Jon Huntsman, either, even if he seems (on the outset) to be most sane and pragmatic option out there if you had to hold your nose and pick a GOP candidate. And people within the GOP only care about Herman Cain because he's...a token. When the unreconstructed type says "I have black friends. Hell, I even let them come over for dinner," they're talking about this guy.

    We do care about Mitt Romney, seeing as he (was) one of the front-runners in this campaign and seems a great deal saner than Bachmann*. We care about Rick Perry, who believes his boyish good looks and Reagan/Bush-hybrid cowboy charm will help him have everyone forget about ol "Crazy Eyes" and anyone else in his way. We sort of care about Ron Paul, even though he's just another one of those people who should have given up their 15 minutes an hour ago. And his son's a bit of a prick. Some people may care about Rick Santorum. I don't. And as time goes on, neither will you.

    Marco Rubio's nowhere to be seen (2016 may be his year). Ditto Haley Barbour and Bobby Jindal. No one really takes southern candidates seriously anymore (aside from Perry, but no one really thinks Texas is part of the Deep South. It just acts like it sometimes).

    No one really knows who Thad McCotter is. Or Roger Gary. Or John Greenspon. Stewart Alexander? Who's that? Might be worth looking int...oh, he's a Socialist. You know, the bad word Teabaggers keep calling Obama.

    Oh, and Newt's in it, too. A lot of horses running in this race. Jimmy McMillan? Roy Moore? Good lord, that's a lot of horses. And you can expect 85% of these guys and gals to be carted off the track before Super Tuesday.

    On the Dem side, there's good ol' Barack Obama, who may or may not be able to keep the Oval Office - after all, November 2012's a long ways away. And there's Randall Terry. Who is this guy, again?

    *I should probably explain why Bachmann shouldn't be trusted with running any form of government (not even a school board or a HOA), but there are other blogs with more dedicated pundits for that.