• The Internet Is The Bigot's Playground.

    You've probably seen racist comments on Youtube, Topix, 4Chan, hell, practically any website's commenting area where there is either "pure" anonymity or lax moderation. John Gabriel's Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory comes out tried and true whenever you have news stories, videos or antidotes that portray blacks and the black community in a less-than-flattering light. You don't see as much hate thrown at Asians, Hispanics or other ethnicities and genders nowadays, but blacks still trip a particularly strong form of color arousal in many whites and even other ethnic groups.

    On another blog, I came across this 24k lump of color aroused stupidity, thanks in large part to this news story that the blog owner posted about, and in response to a comment from another, saner, commenter:
    The causes are clear and evident wherever there are blacks. Everywhere there are blacks.
    IQ, aggressiveness and propensity for violence most certainly are genetic and most certainly are not randomly and evenly distributed without regard to race. Yes black culture and government dependence are also problems but I would say that hyper-masculine black culture is a byproduct of hyper-masculine black genetics.

    Ask yourself this...Why did Chinese calligraphy start in China 3,000 years ago and not in Africa 3,000 years ago? Why did we have astronomy and mathematics in the white Middle East 3,000 years ago and not in black Africa?

    Why are all these flash robs and flash mobs turning the word "youths" into another way of saying Blacks ?
    Notice how the commenter plays up the historical accomplishments of other ethnic groups, with the implication that blacks have basically accomplished nothing, despite how such an implication can be easily refuted. Also notice how the commenter resorts to using IQ as a reliable marker of racial superiority, with blacks being deemed "inferior" due to an unfavorable IQ distribution, nevermind such studies were thoroughly discredited.

    The commenter uses genetics to brand blacks as an "unintelligent" sort of "mule race", only to be used as a labor stock for the most menial of tasks, nevermind how black American slaves were often intentionally "bred" for just this purpose. Over 150 years after slavery was rendered null and void on these shores, some whites feel the need to cast blacks as this, using television programs, news stories, music, film and personal accounts of interactions with blacks to buttress, reinforce and regurgitate this view of blacks.

    Last but not least, the use of the word "youths". The word was used in the past to describe miscreants of "Muslim" origin in news stories long ago, and particularly "patriotic" American commentators used this word in mocking derision for describing young Muslims they considered "troublemakers". It is interesting how this commenter uses the word in the same context.

    I'm not gonna go into how some people toss out this color aroused invective for the sake of "trolling" others, because it simply happens far too regularly to be just that. The Internet's anonymity has allowed a flood of color aroused hate speech to permeate nearly every corner of the Web, and with relatively few social consequences in most places, this flow continues unabated. Youtube is particularly bad at blithely ignoring color aroused hate speech. Youtube's made it extremely hard to successfully report and remove hate speech and videos that promote hate speech, while pouring all of their efforts into combating copyright infringement. Perhaps people simply need to report hateful content as a copyright issue to get parent company Google's attention.

    For the longest time, I suspected the GOP and other conservative groups condoned and sanctioned the hiring of individuals to infiltrate and essentially troll liberal-leaning websites, for the expressed purpose of transforming the narrative of these sites towards a more-favorable conservative slant. One of the blogs I frequent apparently has a D-list squad of these trolls, tasked with making normal discourse so difficult that sensible people leave the blog's comments section and stay away in droves. Every three to four months or so after being ignored by the more dedicated and steadfast commentators, these anonymous beings change their tone and identities, to spew more of their color aroused claptrap and attempt to suck others into their "discussions".

    I'm not even sure if ignoring these people will work these days. I'm sort of a sucker for glaring displays of stupidity that absolutely must be counteracted, so I comment to the contrary, in hopes that people who read that claptrap will be relieved that there is at least someone out there who is sane and reasonable. That, and a firm hand when it comes to moderating comments, as the comments made on a blog usually set the tone for the blog. Leaving it wide open on the pretexts of "freedom of speech" is a recipe for disaster, IMHO. Not saying I'm not a fan of "freedom of speech", but just as you wouldn't call a black person a "Nigger" in public or spout the above quoted nonsense in polite company, you shouldn't do it on the Internet.

    Then again, it helps people separate the assholes from the normal, sane people. Video uploaders can close comments on their Youtube videos, users can ignore other color aroused users, and blog administrators and moderators can ban users who are particularly color aroused. There are ways to deal with this crap.