• BET Couldn't Stand The "Burn"?

    The video below is "Burn", created by Michael Render, a.k.a "Killer Mike", for his latest album, "PL3DGE". Take a moment to watch the video in its entirety:

    Apparently, BET refused to air this video, on the grounds that it featured violent and "convoluted" content. This, from a network that brings you videos of black rappers engaged rampant violence, money worship and misogyny and fucked-up programming such as "Real Housewives of Atlanta". Videos of men throwing up gang signs and stuffing dollar bills into womens' thongs was fine, but this video was simply a bridge to far?

    Well, they're owned by Viacom, after all. Even when BET was still a black-owned independent outfit, it still wasn't much to write home about.

    Since then, BET's lifted their "ban", even though they have yet to broadcast the video. Personally, I don't think they ever will.

    A big hat tip to Jack & Jill Politics and the Huffington Post.