• 400 Dead, 2,000 Wounded Over Tripoli.

    Courtesy of the Sydney Morning Herald:
    Four hundred people have been killed and 2,000 wounded in three days of fighting between rebels and forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi in the Libyan capital Tripoli, the head of the rebel council said on Wednesday. 
    Mustafa Abdel Jalil, chairman of the National Transitional Council, told France-24 television that some 600 pro-Gaddafi fighters had been captured but the battle would not be over until the Libyan leader himself was a prisoner. 
    "According to our information, the number of those killed during the operation which has lasted three days is just over 400, with 2,000 wounded," he said, without specifying if he was talking of both sides. 
    "We captured up to 600 Gaddafi soldiers," he added. Jalil said he thought that Gaddafi himself had fled Tripoli, saying he was not brave enough to stay and fight, but "God alone" knew where he was. "I hope that he will be captured alive and tried so the world can know about his crimes," he added.
    There are rumors flying around that Gaddafi's taking the very last nap he'll ever take, but nothing substantial. Other reports state he's beat a hasty retreat to Algeria.