• Perhaps Chris Christie Won't Be Our 'Flavor Of The Month' In 2016.

    Wanna know what might blow a hole in your political ambitions for 2016? It's not being seen palling around with the Socialist Marxist Kenyan in Chief. Or having a mouth that's just as wide as your own personal girth. Turns out it's having your minions gridlock one of the busiest thoroughfares in the nation just to get back at some Democrat mayor who wouldn't endorse your generously proportioned Republican ass so you could have bigger numbers to fuel your presidential campaign.

    Screwing with poor welfare recipients and schoolteachers is one thing. But screwing with the ordinary motorist on one of the busiest commutes in the nation is just something you don't do, period.

    Chris Christie figured he could escape the backlash and watch his minions take the hit, because that's what minions are supposed to be there for. And indeed they did. Sorta.

    At least Mittens had the forethought to expunge any and all traces of impropriety on part of his staff. As far as pulling dirty tricks on political opponents, Christie still has a lot to learn from Richard Nixon, nevermind how his penchant for rigging the playing field even when handed sure-fire victory was driven by pathological paranoia, whereas Christie's own egomania was calling the shots.

    Meanwhile, a lot of people are saying Christie's fucked. And he is. And in a way, he's always been fucked. He's not a fan favorite of the rabid GOP base, except when he's yelling and throwing his weight around. They liked how he pissed off liberals, but that's pretty much it. His penchant for maneuvering himself as the moderate choice works for grabbing moderate GOP voters, but it does him no favors for attracting conservative voters who like a little fire-breathing with their sermons.

    Problem is, we're still at least a year away from presidential nominations and most people have short memory spans. Will this man still be fucked when it comes time to pick the next GOP candidate for president come 2016? That's anyone's guess and it all depends on how deep investigators dig and how much political gold gets unearthed.

    Or perhaps how long ordinary motorists stay pissed at Christie's Soprano-esque move.