• Highlights From The Republican National Convention: Empty Chair Edition.

    Everyone expected Clint Eastwood to show up and knock the RNC crowd over with his best Dirty Harry Callahan or Walt Kowalski routine. Instead, he channeled what was, by far, the best impersonation of Ronald Reagan (mid-Alzheimer's) anyone could hope for.

    This is the RNC and the Republican party distilled to its essence: an angry old man yelling at an empty chair. Many conservatives are surely thinking Clint's suffering the first signs of dementia. They're wondering why the hell they traded the holographic homage of Ronaldus Maximus himself for this. I'm surprised no one's made a classy remark about it being time for poor Clint to see the Death Panel.

    Eastwood's speech is something not even a campaign spokesperson can walk back, no matter how hard they try:

    “Judging an American icon like Clint Eastwood through a typical political lens doesn’t work. His ad libbing was a break from all the political speeches, and the crowd enjoyed it.”

    If the folks who came up with this idea had a single bone of creativity, they would have had a nice, assembled suit draped upright across the chair. There's your imagery for the day, GOP - A "real Republican" talking down to an empty suit. You're welcome.

    I understand how something like, say, Mitt Romney's own acceptance speech, can be overshadowed by something like this.

    I watch this and I see a man who's doing his damnedest to fake as much sincerity and compassion as possible. It's all in those overly expressive eyebrows. Even an invisible Obama has more substance and charisma than Mittens.

    Later on, the same man who expressed a willingness to fire any executive who came up with the cockamamie idea of establishing a moon colony paid homage to Neil Armstrong.

    Meanwhile, the FLOTUS placed herself above and beyond the RNC in the following video. I wonder how many people are going to accuse her of being "aloof," "deliberately uninformed" or "willfully ignorant":

    Looks like Hurricane Issac was right to change up its itinerary and go swirl around the French Quarter for a couple of days. The Republican National Convention proved more than capable of destroying itself.

    More to come later on...