• Highlights From The Republican National Convention.

    Let's get this one out of the way first.

    Folks, if you want to know why Mitt Romney has a 0% approval rating among black American voters and why most black Americans wouldn't touch the GOP with a ten-foot pole, here's one of your answers. If you're a black American, joining a party whose members have shown callous disregard towards your people  time and again isn't on your to-do list. Gawker's lady-oriented media dish rag Jezebel has a bit more on that story, plus reports that there were two attendees who reached the Ni-CLANG Event Horizon.

    Now, juxtapose the above with Artur Davis' appearance at the RNC:

    Seems he's still smarting over the fact that 1)black voters wouldn't vote for him in lockstep as he assumed during the 2010 Alabama gubernatorial primary and 2)trying to be a bigger conservative than the most conservative guy in the room while carrying the Democrat mantle is a sure-fire way to lose. Thus, he's taken on the role as the GOP's designated black voice of disapproval over the president in an attempt to rehabilitate his forlorn image. Personally, I think that despite Artur taking up his new role as the succulent black treat for non-crazy swing state voters, he has yet to realize how utterly insignificant he is in his new home.

    More highlights to come...