• I Couldn't Think Of A Good Title For This Ted Nugent Post, Either.

    Loesch: You're a scapegoat. They're trying to suggest that you said something that you emphatically did not say.

    Nugent: Absolutely ... I have never in my life threatened anyone's life. I am incapable of threatening anyone's life. Because, I'm about positive change.

    Ted Nugent is now a "positive change agent." A "Come to Jesus" meeting with the Secret Service can do that to just about anyone, especially when the safety of the president is involved. Considering the current status of the man who brought us "Cat Scratch Fever," making threats is about the only way the man can keep himself on the bleeding edge of the constantly moving spotlight.

    The above interview is fitting. You have a woman with a pissing fetish talking to a rank coward who did what cowards are wont to do when securely separated by distance and plausible deniability.

    Of course, America's Favorite Rented Negro just had to give the Nuge cover for his latest outburst:

    "I think he was just expressing maybe his opinion about something and of course everyone wants to sensationalize things but let's leave it up to the Secret Service to interview him and get to the bottom of it...I don't think the Motor City Madman has any ill will toward the President of United States of America,"

    Of course not. This is a guy who literally shit his pants and feigned insanity to avoid the draft.

    In another effort to lend himself some publicity, Nugent hitched a ride on the Mitt Romney Express to Irrelevancy and Failure. Turns out Romney only wants paying customers on his tour.

    What the GOP really wants is less Nugent and more bashing Hilary Rosen for hurting Ann Romney's feelings.