• Convenient Cheat Sheet For Boilerplate 'Race Realism' In Online Venues.

    The Internet is a pretty wonderful place. Sadly, it's also populated with those who share rather dim views on America's largest minority group. In any unmoderated or loosely moderated Internet discussion, you'll have those who insist on espousing their views on this group while expecting others to nod their head in agreement. You'd have a fight on your hands if you go about directly disputing their highly disingenuous claims, as they can yell you out of the debate as a last resort.

    Nowadays, many of these people call themselves "race realists," as a way to distinguish themselves from actual racists who wear white pointy hats, worship Hitler and have tattoos all over their arms and shaven heads. Race realists claim to only be telling "the truth" about minorities and how whites are simply...better. These people expect others to treat their arguments as gospel and accept them willingly and unquestionably.

    The following is a checklist, courtesy of a news item concerning the New Black Panther Party (post upcoming) and the comments that followed. There was an entire string of comments that pretty much hit every space on the BINGO card, plus a few extras:

    • Whites succeeded with "intelligence and hard work," something that's considered lacking among the blacks
    • Whites could advance without slavery (nevermind the American economic system profitted from it)
    • Black women are the biggest beneficiaries of Afirmative Action, despite statistics and other proof to the contrary
    • The Democrat party is racist
    • African tribes inslaved one another and sold them to the Dutch, et al., so that largely excuses white Americans and we should really be blaming those Africans, Dutch, et al.
    • Other races helped the U.S. florish. It's not all about you, blacky!
    • The U.S. would be better off without blacks
    • It's not whites' fault those Africans didn't have the balls to stand up to our ancestors
    • They can't even cooperate with one another, let alone stand against us
    • Muslims still engage in slavery, so go be mad at them and leave us whites the hell alone

    The last three come courtesy of commentator BUD. Such a nice fellow:

    • Blacks should be glad we "rescued" them from Africa. We did them a favor.
    • We weren't forced to give blacks their freedom, we did it willingly.
    • Blacks are their own worst enemy.

    This is what many people tell themselves, over and over. Others were taught this by family, friends, etc. Internet trolls and the so-called "race realists" have these boilerplate arguments cooked up and ready to serve in a variety of ways, some insidious and others more blatant. In the end, the message is the same: whites rule, blacks drool. Oh, sorry. The "race realists" attempt to be a bit more tactful than that.

    I have a greater theory on America's ethnic divisions, but that'll have to wait for another day and time. It has a lot to do with the concept of tribalism. It fits, as we all break down into tribes at the end of the day.