• Odds and Ends.

    So far, this has been an interesting week. Not only did our political village idiots speak on President Obama's address on Trayvon Martin, but one particular idiot had the temerity to chastise a fellow House Rep. for standing in solidarity with the slain young man, by citing an obscure and formerly unknown (to the public) dress code forbidding hats, or in this case, hoodies. As Abagond dutifully noted, there's an ongoing media campaign to drag Trayvon Martin's name into the dirt. Apparently, having an empty ziplock bag is a surefire sign of criminality in some parts.

    Meanwhile, its 2012 and a small group of village idiots thought it was 1928 all over again:

    At least this guy got to wear bracelets, but a felony charge was too much to ask? I suppose if the black guy who stood up to this walking, talking symbol of cowardice and stupidity had brandished a weapon, he'd be cooling his heels in lockup, sans bail, with a felony charge right about now.

    I'm still wrapping my head around the whole individual mandate and single-payer healthcare thing. I'm not that good with bullshit jargon, but apparently it's necessary to sneak any hope of having national healthcare a la Canada or [add sane country here], but with so many people ready to vote against their interests to the benefit of the healthcare insurance industry, I guess you have to sugar coat this pill to have any hope in hell of average Americans chancing a swallow. No telling how this will pan out in the Supreme Court.