• General Musings.

    Poor Newton Leroy's not doing so well. Not only is he no longer the GOP Flavor of the Moment™, but he's losing out to Ron Paul in Iowa. Funny how the bombastic bluster he offered early on didn't offer as much mileage as he thought it would. Must have been all of those skeletons stuffed in the trunk.

    Speaking of skeletons, Ron Paul's alignment with various unsavory hate groups and "rednecks" is no secret - the proof was out there for anyone to pick up and run with. So it irks me how the mass media is treating this as though this is some sort of secret scandal that's been dug up from deep underground. But loads of libertarian-minded liberals and some on the professional left in the Blogsphere love the guy (although the media could care less for him) - after all, he's their un-Obama as Newt was once the GOP's un-Romney.

    The Christmas season seems quite subdued. With the (not-so) stunning revelation revealed by the U.S. Census Bureau that now just about half of Americans are either in poverty or in a low-income bracket, I'm not surprised. When you have places like Wal-Mart and Dollar General worrying about their prime customers going broke, you know something's gone wrong with our economy. Perhaps Wal-Mart and those other companies can take a page out of Henry Ford's old playbook and start giving their people a fair wage, instead of contracting and subcontracting their labor out to temp agencies.

    Meanwhile, one of the biggest cheerleaders of Alabama's infamous HB56, Scott Beason, is thinking about taking a run at Spencer Bachus' House seat. As I said before, this is probably the only time I'd root for Bachus. BTW, a number of cities and municipalities have momentarily stopped enforcing the constitutionally-suspect law.

    Occupy Wall Street is still going strong, although I have to ask a good question that many have probably asked time and again: what is the end goal of all of this? In every movement, there has to be a concrete, easily visible goal that one can strive for. This amorphous mass of protesting seems to have an equally amorphous message to offer.

    On the other hand, seeing scores of journalists, college students, elderly citizens, war veterans and innocent bystanders get blasted with pepper spray, manhandled, kettled, dragged, beaten and tased gets all but the most hardcore of conservative pissed off. Perhaps that's the point, to get average ordinary Americans pissed off. I just fear the ADHD nature of mass media will have people forget all of this shit when the next Super Bowl or American Idol comes on.

    Lots of folks have it out for the president. First there's the Pew Research Center's analysis on the tone of Pres. Obama discussions on blogs. Then there's the "skinny, ghetto crackhead" quip from Brent Bozo Bozell, although he took great pains to put it in some sort of weird, hypothetical "I'm not saying this, but I'm just saying" sort of manner. Then Jim Sensenbrenner got caught ogling the First Lady's behind. Knowing that he'll never, ever enjoy anything close to that has to keep him in a slow-simmering, near-infantile rage. It's no wonder the White House press office is a bit grouchy these days.

    It's anyone's guess if I'll toss in another post or two during the holiday weekend. Maybe, maybe not. At any rate, have a safe Christmas.