• Meanwhile...

    - Jahessye Shockley remains missing, as the case hits the three-week mark. Sad to say, when cases like these drag out for this long, the chances of the missing turning up alive dwindle to nil. Elizabeth Smart and Jaycee Lee Duggard are among the rare cases where kidnap victims turn up alive. Meanwhile, the police are taking a closer look at the parents, although they are not being regarded as suspects.

    - The cases of ex-Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky and athletic director Tim Curley provide further proof that 1)the world is a rather fucked up place, 2)if enough people are willing to turn a blind eye, you can get away with damn near anything, and 3)people should stop worshiping upon the altar of college football.

    - Herman Cain's busy keeping his "Cain Train" on track as he navigates through the recent sexual harassment revelations. So far, not much detail beyond what was already offered, and quite possibly for good reason:

    Had she come forward, had she provided more detail, he and his advisor would have a clear target to attack, smear, discredit and blame. They would have deflected some of the heat off of Cain.

    No one knows who these accusers look like or what ethnicity they are. As I said before, if they are black, expect the scandal to blow over in short order. If they are white...

    - Greece's prime minister George Papandreou steps down after a new coalition government was formed amid the chaos of Greece's horrific economic situation.

    - Andy Rooney of the CBS show "60 Minutes" passed away yesterday at the age of 92. Rest in peace.

    Remember, folks. Daylight Savings Time is over. If you haven't set your clocks back an hour, I'd suggest you do that.