• Poor Herman Cain.

    My dear Herman, we all knew you weren't gonna last as the new GOP "Flavor of the Moment," at least not after the way you made yourself look a bit silly at the econ debate last night. You knew the GOP's pre-appointed nominee was gonna get his shine sooner or later. Even poor Ricky Goodhair knew -- why did you think he looked like he needed a strong drink or three?

    And then you mentioned you had an economist work with you on your infamous "9-9-9" plan (I'm telling you, Herm, it's catchy, but pray the evangelicals don't flip those numbers around). Too bad the guy you mentioned is some investment advisor-type schlub working at a Wells Fargo branch in the middle of Nowhere, Ohio. People are chuckling behind your back, Herm.

    Cornel West never did like you, much. And now Harry Belafonte is giving you a hard time (and Obama, too, for that matter). You went off on the both of them, but I don't think that'll help your cause much. Your 15 minutes are now up. You are no longer the "Flavor of the Moment." You don't have to stand next to Tim Pawlenty or Donald Trump, but you just can't be in the spotlight anymore.

    We'll all miss you for the entertainment you provided. So long and thanks for all the crazy bread, Herm.

    EDIT: And now one of your own economic advisers won't openly back your "9-9-9" plan. Ain't that a bitch?