• The Cost Of Doing Business.

    Today, Occupy Wall Street passes the one month mark of making the voice of the American people heard or being whiny, hippy crybabies who need to get back to work, depending on who you ask. As the fall weather slowly degenerates into winter blues, I'm wondering if any of the Occupy protests, let alone the one in NYC, will keep going in spite of the cold. As a southerner largely unaccustomed to cold weather, it's a question I gotta ask.

    Meanwhile, the NYPD's shelled out over $1.9 million to cover the costs of patrolling Zuccoli Park and other protest areas, largely for overtime pay. Considering the $4.6 million pick-me-up graciously donated by J.P. Morgan and other Wall Street firms, the NYPD shouldn't be hurting none, financially speaking.

    Too bad the average American can't get sweet donations like those. At least the President is trying to do something to give the folks out there a bit of hope. If you want to pin the blame on your being laid off or inability to find a job, you can blame the Senate Republicans and the two Democrats who effectively brought the American Jobs Act to a standstill. Or you can do as the conservatives want Americans to do and start blaming themselves and their own laziness. After all, you can always pull up stakes, move to Alabama and get one of those farming jobs being vacated by the illegal immigrants. Good, honest work....

    And to the fine folks at Citibank, Chase, Bank of America and others, having your customers arrested is never a good look for your business, even if they no longer want to do business with you.

    And as an added bonus, here's the pre-OWS story of a man who was arrested at a Chase branch for...having his bank-drafted check cashed. See, even the checks drafted by the banks themselves start looking suspicious when they're in the hands of black American and African men and women.