• The 'Godfather' Of Pizza Becomes GOP Flavor Of The Moment.

    From AA+ Bonds over at Balloon Juice, while pondering the general inadequacy of both Gene Lyons and Salon.com's new "direction":

    This seems suspiciously like a post that is designed to divide Democrats as thoroughly as the two articles mentioned, with much the same result: depressed turnout in November 2012.

    Might I suggest ignoring this slapfight and concentrating on how Rick Perry may yet kill us all

    I mean, I’m sure Karl Rove is loving this but maybe he’s not the best person to seek to please right now.

    Say, I thought the up-and-coming GOP flavor of the moment was pizza delivery guy Herman Cain, he of the "9-9-9 plan" and the world's worst 9/11 tribute. After all, not only did he beat out Gov. Goodhair and the other sideshow freaks in the Florida straw poll, but he's trailing the president 34% to Obama's 39% in the Rasmussen 2012 matchups.*

    Personally speaking, I doubt Cain's burst of wind will carry him to Super Tuesday and beyond. I expect him to flame out at some point and fade away so the establishment types can muscle their preferred nominee (my bet's still on Romney) into place.

    Meanwhile, Gov. Goodhair isn't looking too hot these days, and Michelle Bachmann is....is....*shrugs and walks away*

    I feel like ending that with a slow golf clap and a patronizing "Good for you," topped with a faked semi-pleasant smile.

    *Article saved as a PDF file in anticipation of Rassmussen Reports' pay wall. Let me know when to host it and I'll download it somewhere.