• Meanwhile...

    - Turns out Irene didn’t fuck up as many couches as I and everyone else thought she would. Lots and lots of flooding, true enough, but none of the complete and utter ass whupping some people were expecting.

    - Only 2% of 1,000 applicants for Florida’s state welfare benefits who applied since the mandatory drug testing began on July 1 tested positive for addictive substances. This is sure to dismay those who were expecting much higher numbers, with all of the Cadillac-driving welfare crack junkies and what not. Since the program reimburses passing applicants the required $30 fee for testing, the program averages $28,800-$43,200 monthly in reimbursement costs, offsetting $32,200-$48,200 in monthly savings from those who fail and are subsequently denied benefits for a year. Unknown legal and staffing costs may wipe those savings off the map.

    - If the oil reserves currently parked underneath the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and other locations in the U.S. were to be pumped up and barreled up, chances are that the vast majority of the oil will end up on the open market where practically anyone can bid on it. So why is this woman so obsessed with extracting it, knowing where it will most likely end up? The whole “$2 gas” promise made earlier was designed to soften people up to opening ANWR and saying “to hell with the regs…I want my cheap gas!”

    "The day that the president became president gasoline was $1.79 a gallon," Bachmann said. "Look what it is today."

    Yes, let’s overlook the price of gas soaring over $4/gal towards the end of George Bush’s administration. I’m sure people won’t be able to remember what life was like before January 20, 2009.

    Courtesy of GasBuddy.com

    Take note of the ridiculous drop in gas prices from September to November 2008.

    - This deserves a good read. Helen Burleson just knocks it out of the park with this post. Courtesy of Harvey's Global Politics.

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