• Trayvon Martin Couldn't Get Justice. Fortunately, Darius Simmons Could.

    Last time on DDSS, yours truly brought you the case of 13-year-old Darius Simmons and his death at the hands of a certain John Henry Spooner. In a remarkable contrast to the Zimmerman trial, Spooner was actually found guilty of first-degree intentional homicide, and it only took the jury two hours to decide.

    Luckily for Simmons, his death at the hands of Spooner was recorded on surveillance video. It also helped that Spooner immediately owned up to shooting Simmons - "Yeah, I shot him." These and other elements made the case more clear-cut than the Zimmerman trial.

    Also, it helps that this didn't happen in Florida. I have a feeling that Wisconsin isn't exactly as amenable to the attitudes and beliefs that made the Zimmerman verdict possible. Of course, someone's bound to interject that the Zimmerman trial possibly influenced this one.

    This is what we've wanted. For people like Spooner to be called to account and face legal and civil consequences for their actions. The fact that people were shocked and surprised about the verdict says volumes.