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    - You really wanna know why the Benghazi and IRS scandals dried up and blew away like that fresh parsley you forgot to put away that one time? According to Greg Gutfeld of Fox News, it was the Zimmerman trial. If only that "little ghetto thug monkey" had the common decency to not get himself killed by that George feller, our favorite Socialist Marxist Kenyan in Chief would be taking his last ride in the "Bulletproof Jesus" back to Chicago.

    - Among the many, many stupid things the GOP-dominated North Carolina legislation has done*, its now allowing gun owners with concealed-carry permits to tote their weapons in bars and playgrounds across the state. At least it didn't fly with the controversial provision calling for the end of background checks or handgun permits.

    Now, we all know that kids and guns don't mix. Liquor and guns don't mix, either. I'm sure the N.C. legislature knows that, but it can't be bothered to give two fucks as it rushes to push the Overton window as far towards the right as possible. And quite possibly over a cliff. That should give people something to talk about during the next "Moral Mondays" protest.

    Meanwhile, the state wants to fingerprint welfare recipients. Because they're all probably criminals, anyway. Too bad it's likely to cost the Department of Social Services a lot of money to do it. But that's "small government" for you.

    - I'm sure Margie Rhea Ramey is a nice enough woman. She just got tired of people "tearing up her driveway" and decided to do something about it:

    Oscar Scott and his family of seven decided to go out for a nice Sunday visit to Bays Mountain Park in northeastern Tennessee. When it was time to go home, they thought it’d be nice to take the scenic route. After enjoying some scenery, they came across Bays Mountain Road and took it, curious to see if it would take them back to the park. After going a ways down the road, they noticed that the road became very narrow and turned in to what Scott described as “an old log road.” Figuring it was best to turn around, he put the car in reverse, and chaos ensued.

    Margie Rhea Ramey saw the car go into reverse from her front porch, where she’d been sitting with a few other people. Sick of people who were “tearing up her driveway,” Margie started yelling. Before they even touched her driveway, Scott’s son asked “Does she got a gun?” and Margie opened fire on the SUV carrying five children, ages four to twelve. She fired two shots, one hitting close to where the children were seated in the car. Scott’s wife yelled to her that they were simply turning around, but ol’ Margie wasn’t having it. Scott put pedal to the metal and got them out of there as fast as he could and called the police.

    Ramey was detained, charged with seven counts of reckless endangerment (most likely a misdemeanor charge) and later released on $1,000 bond on Sunday. Luckily for her, she didn't share the same skin tone as a certain Marissa Alexander, otherwise she'd be looking at a 20-year bid. And rest assured Oscar Scott won't be taking that scenic route ever again.

    But hey, despite one of those bullets coming close to where the kids were, at least she didn't point blank shoot anyone in the face like this guy did, and right in front of the poor bastard's wife, too. Puts "standing your ground" in a whole new light.

    - Texas is #1 when it comes to lost and stolen firearms, according to a report from the BATFE. Georgia, Florida, California and North Carolina round out the top five states. From the report:

    “In 2012, NCIC received reports reflecting 190,342 lost and stolen firearms nationwide. Of those 190,342 lost and stolen firearms reported, 16,667 (9% of the total reported) were the result of thefts/losses from FFLs. Of the 16,667 firearms reported as lost or stolen from a FFL, a total of 10,915 firearms were reported as lost. The remaining 5,762 were reported as stolen.”

    - A young woman characterized as "ghetto" and "dumb and stupid" is now receiving a full-ride scholarship to the HBCU of her choosing, along with the tutoring and mentoring to help her graduate from high school and move on to bigger and better things. After what she's been through, Rachel Jeantel deserves that and much more.

    - You can add Madonna, Usher, Patti Labelle, Kanye West, Jay Z, the Rolling Stones, Justin Timberlake, R. Kelly, Rhianna, Alicia Keys, will i am, Erykah Badu and Rod Stewart to the list of people who are staying the hell away from Florida until it does something about its "Stand Your Ground" laws.

    Wait, you mean that's just a rumor? Damn. These celebs could have put some force behind this thing in a way that only Change.org could dream of. Sadly, this means our friend MichaelJay over at WPTV.com can't keep up his entitled white rage against Jay-Z and Beyonce:

    I say lets boycott Jay Z, Beyonce. Their obviously racist themselves.They dont care about white blood being spilled only black. This just in Zimmerman not WHITE!!!!!!!! I WILL NEVER LISTEN TO ANOTHER PIECE OF RACIST MUSIC COMING FROM EITHER OF THOSE ARTIST..........

    Projection's a hell of a thing. And get a load of the argument that Zimmerman's a Hispanic, in spite of his very much white father*.

    - Terrell Gausha wasn't happy about the way the Zimmerman trial went down:

    “When I represented my country in the Olympics, I was proud to wear my flag. I even wore it on my head on the way to the ring. What happened this weekend was a slap in the face.”

    So Gausha's putting the red, white and blues away. I hope he braces himself for the flood of hatred and vitriol headed his way, courtesy of the MichaelJays of the world. And let's also hope he doesn't get the kind of death threats Michael Vick got over his autobiography.

    Last up, Jasiri-X:

    *I'll get to this ASAP. It's a trip.
    *I guess the "One Drop Rule" doesn't apply here.