• Maintaining Acceptable Standards At DDSS.

    The following is a public service announcement from the sole proprietor of Different Day, Same Shit:

    Dude fuck you. Fuck the police and riot in the streets? Don't try to justify this as a reasonable expression of emotion. It's a violent call to action. Maybe you enjoy living in a shit-hole but the rest of us do not.

    No one cares.
    That's what you don't seem to get.
    No one give a damn about you. Or why you're pissed. You don't matter.

    Here ya go, dumbass - learn something today:

    "Of the six members of the jury, all are women and only one is a person of color."


    Class dismissed. Your diploma is worthless.

    Get your facts straight, dipshit. The jury wasn't "all-white".
    I didn't even bother to read past the first line since you obviously don't have a clue.

    mack lyons, you're a moron.
    that is all.

    The above comments were left behind on several open comment threads. These comments are the reason why the House Rules exist.

    These comments did not meet the acceptable standards required here at DDSS, which is why they're no longer visible to the public. The people who chose to make these comments instead of engaging in constructive discussion must now watch from the sidelines. Anytime anyone bellies up to the bar for the sole purpose of the above, they'll find themselves bounced out.

    Other blogs allow for open, raw commentary. Unfortunately, that usually attracts trolls with an eye towards lowering the standards of discourse. The standards one walks past are the standards one accepts. The above comments do not in any way reflect the standards of this blog.