• In Other News...

    Today's post was going to be about the Zimmerman case, but yours truly just doesn't have the right frame of mind to create one that doesn't contain the phrase "if I see him in the streets...", so there's that (nevermind, here it is). Instead, this:

    - According to a recent survey conducted by Rasmussen Reports, Americans believe that blacks are more racist than whites:

    Going deeper into the poll’s crosstabs shows that 49 percent of Republicans believe “most black Americans (are) racist,” roughly the same percentage of Democrats (47 percent) who said the opposite. A third of Republicans said most black Americans are not racist, while only 11 percent of the GOP said that most white people are racist. Fifty-eight percent of respondents identified as “very conservative” said most blacks are racist, while a plurality of 44 percent “somewhat conservative” respondents said the same.

    Rasmussen’s eye-popping top line was spelled out explicitly in the opening sentence of the poll’s write-up: “Americans consider blacks more likely to be racist than whites and Hispanics in this country.” According to the survey, 37 percent of Americans overall believe most blacks in the country are racist compared with 42 percent who said otherwise.

    News of this is sure to please those who not only consider themselves "post-racial," but also believe that "blacks are the real racists" who should "stop whining" about the past so much.

    - For black Americans in search for a way to ensure The End of Racism™, there's hope. Novaslim recently posted a reasonable 15-step plan to help the Negro alleviate their self-imposed burdens and genuinely embrace a true "post-racial" society. After all:

    If the Negro wants to ensure the end of racism, he must follow these rules to the letter and it is guaranteed that racism will no longer exist. It is not necessary for American whites to make any changes or adjustments to their perception of race, culture or history, since matters of race do not affect them. The Negro must ensure that his behavior, dress, hair, and language meet the strict definitions of acceptability as defined by whites, and he must also be grateful that he is allowed to exist in this country with American whites. The Negro should graciously and quietly accept this as reality.

    - Yesterday, the Department of Defense began furloughing over 500,000 employees. If you work for the DoD, chances are you'll see a 20-percent cut in your pay for the next three months, but at least you can get a 30-percent discount on greens fees to enjoy your unexpected day off.

    - Walmart to D.C.: "If you guys institute your fair living wage proposal, we're pulling up stakes. Nevermind how we actually encourage our workers to supplement their wages with WIC, Medicaid and the like, to the tune of roughly $3 billion a year."

    According to Walmart, employees are paid an average of $12.78 per hour, totaling an annual wage of $23,500 based on a solid 40-hour work week. Adjust for fewer assigned hours and the average dwindles pretty quickly.

    - The Oregon state legislature recently approved a plan that will allow students to attend state colleges for free. The catch? Students must then commit a small percentage of their incomes to repaying the state:

    This week, the Oregon Legislature approved a plan that could allow students to attend state colleges without paying tuition or taking out traditional loans. Instead, they would commit a small percentage of their future incomes to repaying the state; those who earn very little would pay very little.

    The plan’s supporters have estimated that for it to work, the state would have to take about 3 percent of a former student’s earnings for 20 years, in the case of someone who earned a bachelor’s degree.

    Don't we already do this with student loans? Granted you have to jump hoops to qualify for Income-Based Repayment (IBR).

    More stories to come later in the week.