• A Momentary Interruption In Services Rendered.

    Yes, yours truly realizes that it's been about nearly a month between the last post and this. Let's just say that other events outside of this blog required my undivided attention.

    Unfortunately, that means I'll be doing quite a bit of catch-up in regards to covering many of the events that have happened between then and now:

    • The Sandy Hook tragedy and how the gun control issue spawned a shitload of crazy.
    • How America nearly went head-first into the fiscal cliff.
    • The South's latest attempt to secede from the Union.
    • Django Unchained.
    • Allen West being a whiny little titty-baby.

    I'm sure there's much more. Dealing with those outside events also meant turning a blind eye to the TV and Internet. Hopefully, things will get back on track ASAP.

    Mack Lyons