• Sir Willard Romney Bravely Rides Into The Electoral Fray.

    Today is the day. This is the moment Sir Willard Milton Romney, the most noble former leader of the Massachusetts Commonwealth, aspirant to the position of Chief Administrator of the American Republic, has been waiting for.

    This morning, random locations all across the American Republic opened themselves to the teeming peasant masses in anticipation for Election Day. Today is the day the peasants think their votes matter most. However, thousands of people loyal to the knighted noble are working behind the scenes to ensure his victory over the hated Marxist Usurper, Baraq Hussein Superallah Obama al-Kenya, current Chief Administrator of the American Republic.

    With his recently-crafted fencing sword in hand and a jubilant smirk, Sir Willard rides bravely into the electoral fray to meet the odious Socialist in battle. Stay tuned.