• Meanwhile...

    A dose of tomfoolery from Allen West, incumbent hemorrhoid on the U.S. House of Representatives, against Democrat contender Patrick Murphy.

    Someone should really remind our dear house negro he's not in any position to lambaste anyone's military record:

    According to a 2004 account in The New York Times, West let the soldiers under his command beat the Iraqi man, whom West believed was involved in an attempt on his life. (No evidence was ever found implicating the man). Then, he staged a mock execution:

    Soon, the soldiers began striking and shoving Mr. Hamoodi. They were not instructed to do so by Colonel West but they were not stopped, either, they said. ‘I didn’t know it was wrong to hit a detainee,” a 20-year-old soldier from Daytona Beach said at the hearing. Colonel West testified that he would have stopped the beating ”had it become too excessive.”

    Eventually, the colonel and his soldiers moved Mr. Hamoodi outside, and threatened him with death. Colonel West said he fired a warning shot in the air and began counting down from five. He asked his soldiers to put Mr. Hamoodi’s head in a sand-filled barrel usually used for clearing weapons. At the end of his count, Colonel West fired a shot into the barrel, angling his gun away from the Iraqi’s head, he testified.

    Far from being a scab on his political career, this episode actually helped propel West’s fortunes on the right. He initially became a minor cause célèbre among right-wing bloggers who felt West was being persecuted by those insisting on “political correctness” in a combat zone. West exploited this status as he was running for Congress, appearing on right-wing outlets to denounce the Army’s rules of engagement, which he believed were handcuffing American troops in their battle against the “Islamic enemy.”

    The Teabaggers tend to go nuts over things like that. These days, running solely on terrorist-killing bravado ain't what it used to be, especially after Obama had a cap shoved in the ass of the numero uno Islamic terrorist target.

    Meanwhile, as much as the GOP played up non-existent Democrat voter fraud, no one should be surprised to see the grand ol' party knee-deep in their own voter fraud:

    What first appeared to be an isolated problem in one Florida county has spread statewide, with election officials in at least seven counties telling prosecutors or state election officials about questionable voter registration forms filled out on behalf of the Florida Republican Party.

    State Republican officials fired Strategic Allied Consulting, the company they had hired to register voters, and on Thursday filed an election fraud complaint against it with state officials.

    “We are doing what we can to find out how broad the scope is,” said Brian Burgess, a spokesman for the state party.

    The company said that it was cooperating with elections officials and that the suspect forms had been turned in by one person, who was fired. “Strategic has a zero-tolerance policy for breaking the law,” Fred Petti, a company lawyer, said Thursday.

    Questionable forms have shown up in South Florida, including Miami-Dade County, as well as in northeast Florida and the Florida Panhandle.

    Election officials in Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties on Thursday handed over more than 100 forms to local prosecutors. Officials in Palm Beach County alerted prosecutors days earlier.

    Mr. Lux, a Republican, said he warned party officials this month when he first learned that the company was paying people to register voters. “I told them ‘This is not going to end well,’ ” he said.

    Understatement of the year, Lux.