• Yet More Highlights From The 2012 Democratic National Convention

    Precious few people manage to survive a gunshot wound to the head, but Gabby Giffords did just that. She survived, recovered and now stands before us today as positive proof of God's grace, self-determination and the marvels of modern medicine and advanced healthcare.*

    This woman exudes class, unlike this comment from your average low IQ YouTube commentator:

    Obama is getting desperate he had to roll out the freak! I wonder if Clinton Shoved a cigar up fer ass first ? 

    A comment like this would prompt a juvenile retort involving his/her father's "cigar," but fighting morons on their own turf is like strangling a piranha in a fishbowl. The GOP faithful have been hitting the comments of each DNC video like clockwork, but no amount of poorly thought-out commentary will paper over how the Republican National Convention was a farce bordering on tragicomedy.

    Meanwhile, check out these full speeches from Jennifer Granholm, Joe Biden and President Obama himself.

    *Crippling debt and HMO fuckery notwithstanding, when it comes to severe trauma care and rehabilitation, the U.S. healthcare system can't be touched.