• The Trials And Tribulations Of Mitt Romney.

    If there was one way to describe Willard Mitt Romney's presidential campaign, this would be it. Ever since he wound up being the last man standing in a battle royale between between some of the most extreme and maligned candidates the GOP had to offer, the GOP establishment and Tea Party faithful ended up with this guy. I don't think they had a sociopath Mormon scion with a notable lack of empathy and warmth in mind.

    So far, things haven't gone well for the guy. He's been revealed as a repulsive bully during his youth and a predatory businessman during his time at Bain Capital. He's steadfastly refused to come clean about his finances, leaving many to wonder exactly what he has to hide. He's shown himself to be utterly incapable of interacting with ordinary Americans. Every time he tries his hand at international diplomacy, he fucks it up. His wife, the presumptive first lady, has shown herself to be more or less the spiritual kin of Marie Antoinette.

    To add insult to injury, polls have shown he's utterly incapable of drawing even a tenth of 1% of the black vote. When you can't even convince ordinary black Republicans to pull for you at the voting booth, you know you're in big trouble. Current polls show President Obama way ahead in electoral votes. At this point, this election is Obama's to lose and that worries the GOP establishment. Despite Romney having a 10-to-1 financial advantage over President Obama,* he can't seem to translate that huge war chest into huge votes.

    The 2012 electoral gameplan is more of the same for the GOP: use divisive, controversial issues with a noticeable, yet imperceptible racial tinge to rile up the captive low information voters within the GOP, while employing a variety of tactics to prevent the competition from getting out their vote in the first place. After all, there's nothing the GOP loves more than a low voter turnout. With a candidate like Willard around, that's pretty much all you have without exposing his more dire flaws, which explains the following ad:

    There's nothing wrong with personal responsibility. It's only when those words are used as code lingo for "let's get rid of the free lunch for these niggers and spics" does it become a big problem. Note the use of the already-ineffective technique of lauding former president Bill Clinton for his efforts at welfare reform, in order to drive a wedge between Obama voters and those who think fondly of the "first black president." Also note the systematic cover-up of comments showcasing Romney's failures during his time as both the CEO of Bain Capital and his term as governor of Massachusetts:

    Mitt Romney ran for governor of Massachusetts promising more jobs, decreased debt, and smaller government.
    Here’s what Massachusetts got instead:
    Jobs: 47th out of 50 states in job creation
    Taxes and fees: Increased by $750 million per year
    Long-term debt: Increased more? than $2.6 billion
    Now he wants to rape our country, pollute it and bleed it dry with his Keystone pipeline for the 1%. Romney wants us to go to war with Iran.? How much will that cost?

    1992 - Bain & Co. - Romney is CEO - Bain & Co. owes $30 Million to the FDIC, among other creditors, but the FDIC finally had to settle for $14 Million. At the same time, Bain & Co's large amount of cash on hand was used for bonuses to Bain executives who made over $200k/yr. Then, with a low cash balance, the rest of the creditors Bain & Co owed money to could not get back their money. This was only discovered AFTER a Freedom of Information Act request.
    Bain/Romney profits = creditor's losses.

    Mitt Romney's approval rating when he started Governing was 66%, after his Governorship it was 34%.
    That's lower than GW after the economy collapsed....
    Those who trusted Mitt and know Mitt's government work do not like Mitt.

    The fact that Republican viewers quickly spam-reported these comments into oblivion is telling.

    Juxtapose the above video with the following footage from a recent campaign fundraiser, which most likely wouldn't have been made public if it weren't for the efforts of one James Carter IV:

    This is what happens when Mitt Romney speaks freely in front of a crowd whose individual net worth is more than what the average American will make in their lifetime. Romney just called 47% of Americans "lazy welfare queens." Sadly, scores of Americans with their priorities mixed up will still vote for the guy, all for the prospect of seeing the imaginary black welfare queen run out of imaginary steaks and her imaginary Cadillac repossessed.

    To offset the above, Anne Romney had to run blocker to her husband's comments by explaining how he doesn't disparage the poor people:

    The Romney campaign showcased this video on their YouTube account, thought better of it and had it pulled.

    At this point, Mitt Romney would do better and actually win votes by taking a mallet to his scrotes on national television; it would be far less painful than continuing along this current trajectory towards political oblivion. No amount of campaign funding, overblown bombast from Republican Internet trolls or saccharine puff pieces about him being nice around the folks he sold his house to will balance out the rolling cavalcade of failure his campaign represents.

    * Romney may have been ahead out of the gate in terms of Super PAC money (over $300 million to Obama's $9 million), but Obama's not just catching up with Romney's fundraising tally - he's cruising past it. Meanwhile, Wall Street's having second thoughts about backing Mitt. Can't say I blame them; Wall Street always goes where the winners are.