• Highlights From The 2012 Democratic National Convention.

    The only DNC highlight you're getting today is Michelle Obama's heartfelt speech, in its entirety. It was the speech that lit up the crowd, electrified viewers and took over Twitter.

    By the way, President Obama held an "Ask Me Anything" session on Reddit a few days ago. POTUS is proving to be more in touch with these here interwebs than anyone realizes. This is how you earn votes if you're not a GOP candidate coasting atop the flab and hot air of "Real American" Tea Party voters.

    I can't see Mittens doing one of these. He'd probably host an "Ask One of My Aides to Ask Me Something I'll Willingly Give a Canned Non-answer to (except if it involves my tax returns)" session that lasts for a few minutes before it gets cut short for "privacy concerns" or some other nonsense.