• Trifling Shit.

    The following video features Atlanta-based rapper "Booghatti" having a severe disagreement with his producer "Sporty" over selling his song "Like a Kid." I can't wrap my head around why, but it was apparently enough to warrant the following ass whuppin':

    When an artist has a dispute with their producer, they often let the lawyers hash things out in court. This one decided to take his dispute "to the streets," resulting in a man literally beaten out of his clothing for some of the most trifling shit imaginable.

    One black man beating another over a trivial dispute. I bet not only does this "Booghatti" character feel good about himself for whipping on someone, he'll probably use this incident to further his "street cred." He should hope the man he senselessly beat doesn't decide to "come back" on him in an effort to save face and salvage what's left of his dignity.

    Now take this scene and multiply that across the country. There's trifling shit happening in just about every neighborhood over some of the most inconsequential shit possible. That's something that needs to come to an end, before more people get hurt or even killed.