• Random Musings.

    Not pictured: Mitt Romney pulling one of his expensive wingtips out of his mouth.

    Checked out the coverage of 2012 London Summer Olympics on NBC? Yeah, neither did I. BBC does it better, anyways.

    What NBC could do is knock off the "special interests" angle, dispense with the long-winded interviews and focus on the actual sports action. Oh, and tell Bob Costas that bringing up Idi Amin when the Ugandans appear is in poor, poor taste.

    “Winston Churchill once described Uganda as the ‘pearl of Africa’; of course, Churchill never met Idi Amin.”

    Such poor taste, Bobby.

    Meanwhile, conservatives are dredging up Obama's "Polish Death Camps" remark as a counterweight against #RomneyShambles. Please refer to the rabid ramblings of this Telegraph article for more details. Be sure to wash your hands and rinse your eyes when you're done.

    In the wake of the Chik-Fil-A boycott, conservatives are flocking to the Georgia-based chain of addictively delicious fast-foodstuffs. The folks at Twitchy think conservatives have gained a moral victory of sorts, one waffle fry at a time. Even Sarah "You Betcha I'm Off Mah Rocker" Palin and hubby are getting in on the act.

    Me? I could care less. I haven't been to Chik-Fil-A in weeks. Plus, I've already found a nifty recipe for the chicken sandwiches and I'm sure I can find the same for those waffle fries. Still waiting on one that replicates their milkshakes.

    Meanwhile, a white Southern Baptist church in Mississippi behaves exactly as I'd expect it to when it comes to black folk. But hey, at least they got as far as becoming church members before those true colors came out.

    And to cap things off:

    Well, just like Mitt can't have commoners snooping around in his tax information, he can't have them nosing around how he gets his campaign bucks. Besides, guys like Sheldon Adelson prefer privacy when they attend to their political ladies of the night.

    I wonder what people would say if the president did the same thing...