• Random Musings.

    Right now, Hurricane Issac's making landfall on the NOLA region. Compared to Katrina, Issac's a relative lightweight. To be honest, I was all set to see Hurricane Issac literally rain on the parade of idiocy personified by the Republican National Convention in Tampa, but that didn't happen. As it turns out, even hurricanes can't stand being among the likes of Sher Valenzuela, Mitt Romney, Janine Turner and John Kasich.

    Someone, somewhere had a tweet that basically asked that now since the hurricane didn't hit Tampa, if the Republican National Convention would be postponed out of respect for those in NOLA. Here's your answer.

    Of course. The president should be right in the eye of the storm using whatever it is that blah people do tame hurricanes. Meanwhile, Jindal's back in LA because, well, he's the governor and it's his job to be there when things like hurricanes happen.

    More to follow after watching the RNC's live coverage on C-Span.