• Cutting Through The Subliminals.

    ERIC BOLLING: What would you call a guy who not only used cocaine, but dealt cocaine in high school and/or college? What would you call that kind of guy?
    GREG GUTFELD: The president.


    ERIC BOLLING: Besides "president."

    No, they're not speaking about George W. Bush's run-ins with the white stuff. Once again, conservative talking heads over at Fox News are doing their best to tag President Obama with what conservatives usually think of blacks (outside of "the good ones" like our old friend, Jesse Lee Peterson). After the media blow-up over Mitt Romney's prep school escapades, they had to use something to redirect attention back onto the president.

    Not only did our dynamic duo attempt to suggest our current president had triple beam dreams, but Bolling tried to cement the idea even further into the heads of low-information conservatives everywhere with the following:

    SEAN HANNITY: It's -- the biggest campaign donor in 2008 was the media, Eric. What about this issue? Now, he said I was in a daze for years in high school playing basketball. I drank heavily. Used drugs -- plural. He's admitted to cocaine use. And I don't remember many questions about the specifics of his drug use. Where did he get the drugs? Who did he do drugs with? How did he get off drugs? How deep did this go? What drugs did he use? Is that fair?

    BOLLING: That's more than fair, and I think he's actually even admitted to buying or selling drugs, as well, which makes it a little bit different.

    Bolling apologized, but the underlying message is still out there. You gotta admire (or better still, abhor) conservatives' ability to let loose with lies and coded rhetoric, only to walk it back with quiet, half-hearted apologies, knowing that in the end, the underlying message still hit its mark.

    Come to think of it, conservatives are going positively batshit over Obama these days. First, the subliminals from Senator Rand Paul*. Having a gun pointed at the head of a sitting president is generally A Bad Idea™, especially with your smug mug glowing with conceited approval. The Virginia-based National Association for Gun Rights dismissed the ensuing uproar as "silly" and responded with the same gun pointed at Rand Paul's dome.

    What's funny about all this is that the president hasn't proposed any type of anti-gun legislation. In fact, he's thrown conservative gun owners a bone or two. Rand Paul and Co. know exactly what they're doing and what kind of message they're sending.

    Meanwhile, Obama-induced social psychosis led one West Virginia county to throw its Democratic primary votes in the general direction of a Texas convict:

    Keith Judd, the winner over Obama, is also known as Inmate No. 11593-051 at the Federal Correctional Institution in Beaumont, Texas, where he is serving a 17.5 year sentence after being convicted in 1999 for allegedly making threats at the University of New Mexico and also for extortion.

    Somehow, someway, Judd was able to get on the ballot and pull out a victory over Obama in Logan County.

    Call it the anti-Obama vote or the ultimate protest vote.

    Maybe it was the anybody-but-Obama vote.

    Whatever it was it wasn’t even close as Judd was able to win by 11 points in an embarrassment to the Obama camp and the national Democratic Party establishment.

    With 37 out of 38 Logan County precincts reporting, Judd had grabbed 2,786 votes to Obama’s 2,231, winning 55.5 percent to 44.4.

    With nearly 100 percent of the precincts reporting statewide in the wee hours of the morning, Judd was pulling 41 percent to Obama’s 59 and had garnered close to 72,544 votes.

    There's a message in here, too. Apparently, Logan County, WV would rather have a convicted felon in office than suffer the indignities of being led by a nigg...ahem. But it wasn't just Logan County that came down sick with a case of the vapors:

    The results were even worse next door in Mingo County where Obama was humiliated by 20 points or 1,005 votes by the Texas prisoner. With 100 percent of the precincts reporting, Judd had 2,972 votes (60.1 percent) to Obama’s 1,967 votes (39.9 percent).

    Judd also won in eight other counties, taking Lincoln, Boone, Clay, Gilmer, Hardy, Tucker, Webster and Wyoming counties.

    Obama only beat Judd by 31 votes in Mercer County by a 2,486-2,455 tally.

    Judd took Boone County 2,343 to 2,199 in a 52-48 percent margin and also grabbed Lincoln County 1,533 to 1,382. In Wyoming County, Judd won by a 1,428 to 1,085 vote tally over Obama.
    The whole state didn't come down sick -- Obama walked away with Huntington and Charleston, the most populous cities in the state.

    And since you're wondering how someone cooling his heels in an federal prison in Texas ended up on a West Virginia ballot? Here's how:

    Judd, 53, has been a Democratic presidential candidate before, appearing on Idaho’s 2008 ballot, finishing a distant third behind Obama and Clinton with only 1.7 percent of the vote.

    Judd, who lists his hometown as Texarkana, Texas, took advantage of West Virginia’s rather liberal ballot access laws to gain a spot in this year’s Democratic Primary – a head-to-head match-up with Obama.

    The law requires prospective candidates meet residency, age and other requirements, including a $2,500 filing fee, to get on the ballot.

    Judd met those requirements and landed a spot on West Virginia’s ballot – the only state he was able to do so – despite being held behind bars.

    Judd was the only candidate on the WV ballot other than the president. As it turns out, it was more about voting against Obama than it was a genuine preference for a jailbird. In the words of Ronnie Brown, "I voted against Obama." Considering how Hillary Clinton trounced Obama back during the 2008 primaries, you could safely say they just don't like the man.

    But I wonder if certain people would have stayed home if the only other alternative on the ballot was yet another person of color. I think I already know the answer to that question.

    *Rand Paul serves as proof positive of why voting for Ron Paul is A Bad Idea™