• Meanwhile...

    - Police arrested two men in connection with the shootings of five black Americans in Tulsa, three of whom died from fatal injuries. Unfortunately, many have played up the Latino-ish appearance of one of the shooters, in hopes of directing people's attentions away from the elephant in the room.

    - Florida State Attorney Angela Corey will not put the Trayvon Martin case through a grand jury, leaving the decision to prosecute George Zimmerman for Martin's murder in her own hands. Meanwhile, Zimmerman's lawyers have backed away from their client, as they have no idea where the fuck he is. I wouldn't be surprised if the next time anyone hears of him, he'd be in Cancun.

    - Remember the nice McDonalds employee who claimed she won part of the $656 million dollar Mega Millions jackpot? Turns out she didn't. But three Maryland teachers did.

    While Wilson was wildly claiming she won, the three teachers hired attorneys and financial consultants to prepare themselves for the boatload of cash and attention they would receive.

    I had a feeling Wilson was spinning lies. If she had the winning ticket, she most likely would have busted her ass to claim her share. And she would have never stashed it in a McDonalds, of all places.

    - Speaking of teachers, Brooke Harris was fired from her position at the Pontiac Academy for Excellence Middle School in Pontiac, Michigan after attempting to organize a "dress down" fundraiser that would have raised awareness of the events surrounding the Trayvon Martin case. The principal signed off on the idea, only to get a firm "no" from Superintendent Jacqueline Cassell. When she attempted to appeal to Cassell directly, Harris was placed on suspension. When she attempted to find out why, she was fired.

    Keep in mind this was a non-union charter school in an "at-will employment" state. There's not much recourse here and it also explains the sheer unilateralism involved in Harris' termination. I know a guy who'd love to have that type of power...