• Justice Delayed, But Not Denied.

    This has been a terribly corrosive process. George Zimmerman, in our opinion and from information made available to us, is not doing well emotionally and probably suffering from posttraumatic stress syndrome. We understand from others that he may have lost a lot of weight. George can`t get in the car and drive down to the office center and go in and see a psychologist. George can`t go down to the 7-Eleven and buy a Diet Coke. There`s a bounty out on his head.

    Hal Uhrig won't have to worry about George Zimmerman getting shot on a dark street with a bag of pretzels in one hand and a Diet Coke six-pack of Bud Light in the other. He's exactly where he needs to be.

    That means the New Black Panthers can call off the bounty they never intended to act on or honor in the first place. And those neo-Nazis can pack up their guns and decamp back to their private compounds.

    I expected Angela Corey to drop the ball and not charge Zimmerman at all. Hearing about the man being hit with a second-degree murder charge was a surprising shock, given how so many people in similar situations have managed to walk. It was even more surprising to see Zimmerman in custody. I thought that by now, he'd be turning ten shades of red on a Cancun beach, well away from any U.S. jurisdiction. Chances are Zimmerman will be able to plead down to manslaughter, giving him a lesser sentence than life imprisonment for second-degree murder.

    Shame it took 45 days for this to all happen.

    The whole concept of "stand your ground" in self-defense laws is in desperate need of reexamining. If you haven't heard about the case of Daniel Adkins, you will soon. But since this involved a black man shooting a Hispanic, rest assured that the decision to prosecute him will come within days, not the six weeks it took for authorities to find a nice pair of linked bracelets for George Zimmerman.

    All people asked for was for this man to be held at account for his actions. When local law enforcement decided Trayvon Martin's life wasn't worth holding Zimmerman at account for, his parents, friends, local residents and others throughout the country called for justice. Most people thought we wouldn't be at this point. Now Zimmerman can be made to account for his actions, just as Daniel Adkins' shooter may be made to account for his.

    Now if only we could do the same for so many others out there.