• Friends don't let friends use pink bowling balls.

    Earlier today, the effluent one took a break from his feckless campaign quest to get in a round or two of bowling. Please note that there's not a single pink ball in sight -- that'd just be quite unseemly for a man of his stature. Considering how he struck out in the Wisconsin, D.C. and Maryland GOP primaries, I bet he's glad to be somewhere where strikes are actually a good thing.

    And I bet Mitt Romney's glad to have those primary wins give his campaign a semblance of legitimacy. As the GOP establishment's pre-ordained pick, it would be a bit unseemly for him to lose. It doesn't help that conservative voters see him more as a necessary evil than someone they could get behind in lockstep. A wooden, out-of-touch scion known for his "pagan" religion and creation of vaguely "socialist" healthcare in his own state isn't exactly the ideal conservative candidate. Presenting the embalmed remains of Ronald Reagan on the presidential ticket with Sarah Palin as V.P. running mate would probably be a more preferable choice for many on the GOP side.

    As it stands, it's the Negro vs. the Mormon. Die-hard conservative voters don't like that choice, but they'll swallow their pride and put in their vote for the sake of the party. One thing's for sure: the frothy one will have plenty of time to brush up on his bowling skills if he isn't picked as Romney's running mate.