• Falling Asleep At The Wheel.

    A lot of people are probably wondering why yours truly hasn't been on the 2012 GOP nomination process like so many other bloggers. Well, this is why.

    Everyone has their "senior moments" and Freudian slips, but this takes the cake. Between John McCain's unending enthusiasm (snicker) for Mitt Romney and the crowd's placid reaction (or lack thereof), it's no wonder more Americans haven't fallen into a sound sleep whenever Mitt's mentioned.

    If you can count on Romney's half-hearted platitudes and perfectly lubricated talking points to put you to sleep, you can also count on Rick Santorum to make you laugh in disbelief. Or groan in discomfort. Or both.

    Right about now, President Obama could produce a video of himself serenading the First Lady in the Lincoln Bedroom to the tune of Marvin Gaye's "Distant Lover" and let that be his campaign for the next seven months. At that point, counting the votes come Election Day would be a mere formality.