• Hatred And Racism Know No Bounds.

    Whitney Houston was an amazing singer and wonderful actress who made some extremely poor choices in her life: falling prey to drug addiction and a hellish marriage with shades of co-dependency and enabling, leading to the loss of her looks, singing voice and career. In the brief time before her death, she managed to overcome those poor choices and it seemed she was coming out of what was a long period of darkness in her life, but it wasn't to be.

    Fox News produced a news post concerning the details of her death and how many of our most famous celebs were handling the horrible news. Like so many other websites, there was a comments feature below the story. This news piece drew over 5000 comments, many of them lacking a great deal of charity for Houston and by extension, those of her ethnic background in general.

    This is Fox News we're talking about, but you'd think that the unreconstructed and hate-filled among us would have some semblance of respect for the recently departed, irrespective of ethnic background or deeds.* You'd be dead wrong:

    A tragedy is when someones passes away from a terminal disease or something else that no one saw coming.Whitney is just an inferior lo w life ni gg er that needed to go,no tragedy,no loss.
    Any death is a tragedy you heartless bástard.
    not nignogs their death is a plus
    SHe couldn’t even sell issues of “the national enquirer” anymore. Everyone was tired of the TNB. Niqqer flaps her lips and screeches, niqqer becomes rich. Niqqer ends up nearly broke after spending all of her money. Niqqer in constant fights and drug binges. Niqqer ODs when she learns she’s nearly broke and she is so wasted physically she can’t make another album. Niqqer hit the end of the road, niqqer thinking and niqqer behavior led her to where she had nothing. She couldn’t face life without the “bling bling”, she knew she would never have any more “kaching kaching”
    I am now patiently waiting for the grand messiah Obama to have a blk fundraiser in honor of Whitley with Kevin Costner as guest of honor with all the Hollywood elites invited along with Alan Colmes, Al Sharpton, Jeremia Wright, Charles Rangel, etc. with a menu featuring blk eyed peas, grits, Imported Kobe steak, Dom Perignon, sweet potato pie and a mus lll im scarf as a momento of this great occasion.

    Of course the door prize will be an all expense paid trip to Kenya to visit the Obama tribe and birthplace of his ancestors while the American people still look for this imposter’s birth certificate in Hawaii !!!
    This is typical of the blk gene pool; it happens all the time. They cannot handle fame and fortune whether it’s derived from music, acting, sports or just plain entertainment. Too much fame and too much money at one time will ki ll ll you.

    How many blk people have died from drugs including alcohol that have been in the sports and the entertainment industry or screwed up their married lives like Tiger Woods or worse, OJ Simpson !!!

    This is the same disease that got Obama voted into the White House.
    i don’t even consider them to be included in the human race let alone on a pedistal. the people that do are a bunch of loosers.
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    tough break niqqer.
    Nothing wrong with Coors, what is good about it most_n i g g e r s_ don’t like it
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    Whitney who?!? some /\/iggress music artist that had a couple of hits in the early 90’s. She’s since been forgotten and now she’s dead.. Who cares..
    Africans love their drugs.
    Jungle Buggie ??
    This is a good lesson for all of you God loving Christian girls out there, stay away from “Jungle Love.”
    One less bIack crack addict in the world today. Not such a big loss.
    We Whiteys dont care about some monkey crackhead, change the headline!
    How funny would it be if they fuckedup the tombstone.

    Their are B L A C K S and their are N i G G A S, which class do you put her mentor Bobby Brown into??? Whitney chose ???
    Who cares? Black_trash gone is enough.
    She is just like any other gh e tto queen.I hope the rest of these worthless piles in the inner cities follow her act .
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    You know what you call Whitney Houston in a bathtub? A dead n i g g a h
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    hatesandniqqers 3 hours ago

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    B l a c k s have little to brag about about so they strut and crow about anything. The politically correct whites whine and cringe and try to be b l a c k themselves and identify with their “brothers”. Great singer but as stupid as her pal, the malignancy in the white house
    she still be voting for the head niggg this nov
    To bad it wasnt the monkey in the White House

    Once upon a time, I'd figure that the bulk of these comments were the work of young and warped minds who found delight in leaving the electronic equivalent of a lit turd in a paper bag on one's doorstep. You know, "for the lulz."

    No. This is hate. Pure, 100% hatred. The type of hatred that seeps through every pore of one's being despite attempts to keep it contained. It's the type of vile, vicious bile that eventually finds an outlet at some point - it has to, as keeping it bottled up only leads to the most explosive of results. The comments about Whitney Houston, the comments about Obama and black Americans in general...this is hatred we're dealing with. Irrational, color-aroused hate that has been imprinted and implanted in the minds of many for generations on end.

    I'm not even sure I want to blame Fox News on any level. These hateful comments could have very well found their way on a news site with a more liberal bent. No matter where a story like this pops up, if someone wanted to ooze their hatred all over it, that's what they would do, at least until the moderation (if any) kicks in.

    Because sifting through 5000+ comments is a arduous task for any moderation team, the entire comments section was nixed. Apparently, no comments are good comments in some cases. But this should serve as a reminder that for all of the talk about how racism is "in the past" or how this society we live in is a "colorless" one, there remains racial hatred, albeit bottled up and penned in by polite social standards. Nevertheless, it remains just underneath the surface, constantly poised to seep out at any given moment, whether in public, in private or within the electronic confines of the Internet.

    HT to Little Green Footballs blogger Charles Johnson for scraping up this vile batch of detritus and placing it on display before the whole thing was swept under the rug.

    EDIT: Fox News apparently has a rudimentary word filter that blocks offensive words and perhaps phrases, but the commentators made a conscientiousness effort to evade the word filter. Amazing how some people can find ways to vent bigotry in spite of safeguards and roadblocks.

    *Although that'd bring us to the question "Well what about folks like Joe Paterno?"