• Southern Discomfort.

    You have to wonder if whenever Rick Santorum goes home, he breaks out the makeup kit hidden way in the back of the sock drawer, runs off to the bathroom and spends the next hour or so making himself "feel pretty." Then he breaks out the iPod, throws on a scarf, cranks up the tunes and starts dancing to Lady GaGa.

    I bet he wasn't expecting to "feel pretty" in the middle of an autographing/photo op.

    And I didn't like how those two proto-goons were pushing and shoving the old, balding guy out of the hall. Those guys looked like they could have "1488" inked on them somewhere.

    Mittens isn't doing so well, either, although he isn't getting glitter thrown at him. Still, having to watch a joke candidate walk away with 40% of the caucus vote has to be painful.

    More painful is the reason why Newt was able to run away with those votes like that. He found the open secret of winning the SC primary - beat up on minorities and the poor in coded language. And the crowd ate it up with bare hands. He couldn't have done any better if he had broke out a 55-gallon drum BBQ grill and started whipping up some spare ribs and pork BBQ for the audience. He knew his audience and the audience loved him.

    And it's gonna make Florida all the more painful for Newt. As much as I liken the panhandle areas north of Orlando as South Alabama/Georgia, I don't think the dog whistles are gonna be heard as well in those parts. And given how Romney and Santorum are determined not to let a repeat of SC happen again, I say it's gonna be a knockdown dragout battle between all three.

    And no one's gonna give a good shit about Ron Paul. It's practically over for him, but he just don't know it yet.