• Dana Loesch, Conservative Head Games And You.

    Everyone's well aware of how, for decades, Republican leaders have attempted to cast black Americans as lazy, shiftless and entitled creatures and disparaged government assistance programs such as welfare and food stamps by painting a color-aroused portrait of flagrant and wanton abuse of one by the other -- the imaginary black single-mother Cadillac-driving welfare queen who regularly dines on filet mignon and champagne, courtesy of hardworking white American taxpayers, for example. And everyone's aware of how these stereotypes are just one of the many used in the hilariously disturbing dog fight that was the South Carolina primary, namely to draw out and win over the unreconstructed and easily color-aroused.

    So you have the mistaken belief that blacks make up the majority of food stamp and welfare recipients, carefully crafted and refined by the GOP, expounded on by the likes of Newt Gingrich and consumed happily by color-aroused and embittered conservatives. You have Lawrence O'Donnell and Jane Walsh, who've called out Newton Leroy on this issue, and then you have Dana Loesch, who confuses the shit out of everyone in a crafty, yet flawed attempt to headgame everyone involved.

    Let's start off with Newt Gingrich's comment about food stamps:

    You want to be a country that creates food stamps, in which case frankly Obama’s is an enormous success. The most successful food stamp president in American history. Or do you want to be a country that creates paychecks?

    On one hand, here's Newton Leroy blowing a dog whistle into the ears of the unreconstructed, who already believe that Pres. Obama, as a black figure and a Democrat, can't help but make it rain food stamps in the White House (which he had painted a gaudy black, purple and gold, just like in the clubs he and Michelle jump off at). On the other hand, people can simply point out that he was just talking about lazy Americans of all creeds and colors. In essence, this quote is so well-crafted that if anyone attempts to call out Gingrich on blowing the dog whistle here, there's plenty of room for false-flag conservatives to maneuver into position and attempt to call out the person calling Gingrich out on their own supposed racism.

    Now someone had to call him out on that statement. Here's Joan Walsh doing just that:

    Newt Gingrich doubled down on his clever new slur against President Obama as “the food stamp president.” He tried the line in a Friday speech to the Georgia Republican convention, and he used it again on “Meet the Press Sunday.” It’s a short hop from Gingrich’s slur to Ronald Reagan’s attacks on “strapping young bucks” buying “T-bone steaks” with food stamps. Blaming our first black president for the sharp rise in food-stamp reliance (which resulted from the economic crash that happened on the watch of our most recent white president) is just the latest version of Rush Limbaugh suggesting that Obama’s social policy amounts to “reparations” for black people.

    Republicans have done well with their quest to stigmatize social welfare programs as handouts to the undeserving, and to pretend that most of the undeserving are black people.

    Indeed they have. The response from Dana Loesch?

    Walsh deduced that Gingrich couldn’t possibly be referencing any of this, no, it had to be because he’s being racist.

    And what exactly is this "this" she's referring to?

    Unemployment is soaring at nine percent.
    The CBO predicted that the US economy will be unsustainable by 2037 on its current path.
    The IMF declared two weeks ago that the age of America will end in a decade.
    One in six Americans now receive government help. USA Today says more Americans are receiving federal aid than ever. Investors’ Insight says more Americans than ever before are on the government dole.
    Lastly, according to our own government statistics, more white Americans receive federal aid than black Americans, shattering the stereotype that led Walsh to immediately think “black people” when she heard the words “food stamps.”

    Problem is, if you ask anyone walking down the street what they would immediately think when they hear "food stamps," it would be a mental picture of a plump black woman with Kool-Aid hair, weave and fingernail extensions and a bad attitude giving the cashier lip while swiping her EBT card at the card reader.

    The above images are NOT what most people think when they hear about "food stamps." They have no idea that more white Americans are on the dole than black Americans. Many a black blogger knows this -- to stave off attacks by the color-aroused, they had to look up this information for themselves. Politicians and mainstream media outlets, for one reason or another, have not made that knowledge widespread to America in general.

    Loesch, on the other hand, says it's not about the dog whistles, because as far as she and other conservatives are concerned, there are none. Instead, you're a "racist" for even assuming that Gingrich could have insinuated that he was making a sly swipe against black people, you racist liberal progressive Democrat scum, you.

    Loesch isn't above dishing out backhanded complements. In fact, she pats Lawrence O'Donnell on the back for stating the obvious:

    It’s good to see a progressive finally stop believing that food stamps are patented to black Americans. If only Walsh and The Nation thought the same. Perhaps Lawrence O’Donnell has been reading Big Journalism. It’s OK, Lawrence, we won’t tell!

    So, Loesch accuses O'Donnell, Walsh and others of being "presumptuous" about the GOP linking food stamps to blacks, as though they themselves believed in the stereotype that the GOP has spent decades crafting and refining. Marvelous. She's calling out people who are calling out Gingrich for being a racist prick...for being racist pricks. That is some rather slick shit there.

    If most people aren't careful, they'll read what she's written and start nodding their heads in agreement, because it seems like something that's sensible -- just a bunch of liberals who are making something out of nothing, right. It takes a while to see through the bullshit.

    By the way:

    The Regressives have to say everything is a 'dog whistle'... how else could they continue to peddle the absurd notion that they care or are even remotely competent.

    Democrats are the party of ... Jim Crow, the KKK, destruction of the black family, death of millions of unborn, class envy, hatred of their countrymen and country.

    It always starts with a bit of truth. After Reconstruction, the Democrat party was the home of self-proclaimed "Dixiecrats" who indulged in the worst excesses of Jim Crow, the Ku Klux Klan and segregationist policies. By the 1960s, the Democrat party was slowly becoming less about Jim Crow and more about the liberal policies that we all know and love (well, most of us do).

    And then came the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Southern Strategy, created in large part by Nixon's political strategist Kevin Phillips.

    By the 1980s, the Democrat party was no longer what it used to represent and neither was the GOP. The conservative party threw its doors open to every unreconstructed bigot and Dixiecrat who loathed the day Lyndon Baines Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act, along with their constituents. It's no accident that the southeast is about as blue as a Air Force serviceman's dress uniform red as the back of a stereotypical Southerner's neck.

    Black Americans knew that the chessboard was being flipped around, and they switched sides accordingly. And it still burns the GOP's collective ass that blacks weren't stupid enough to remain at the GOP table as the old Dixiecrats came stomping in. So no, the Democrats are not the party of "Jim Crow, the KKK, destruction of the black family, death of millions of unborn, class envy, hatred of their countrymen and country." But the Republicans have shown that they fit those characteristics to a tee. Projection, wasn't it?

    And yes, this Dana Loesch is the same Dana Loesch who claimed she would have copped a squat and a piss on dead terrorists, despite the desecration of enemy bodies being verboten under the Geneva Convention. And her blog is apparently a part of the Breitbart collective. Take that as you will.