• Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Yesterday, January 15, was his birthday. Today is a federal holiday set under the Uniform Monday Holiday Act. MLK, Jr. Day was signed into law by Ronald Reagan in 1983 and first observed three years later on January 20. [Wikipedia]

    Instead of the usual tributes, from Dream and Hustle:
    Every year around this time, I have to hear this question “If Martin Luther King Jr. was alive today..” and I’m sick of it. Only these coward punk clowns we have in the Black media would let a question like this come out of their mouth and you should look closely as anybody who want to ask this kind of question for discussion. Bottom line is Martin Luther King, Jr ain’t in 2012 but we are here in 2012 and what we going to do while me and you are alive right here and right now?

    I’m getting up in age a little bit and to be honest on Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, it brings my attention to all of the fake civil rights, Black socialites and these sideways hustle bloggers we got running around this day and age pretending they something extra or outstanding me and you supposed to admire, real talk. Ain’t none of them willing to die for this like Martin Luther King Jr and I hope they understand where I come from when I let them know I can careless about who they think they are or supposed to be around me.

    Every year, they come around and ask this question about “Martin Luther King would have turned 83 today, what would he think if he was alive today?” and not realize I think they are a straight bench and tussy deodorant coward for even asking that ignorant question. We are the only people who instead of honor our past with the present; we use the present to ask stupid questions about past people about if they were alive today.

    Every year, we got some little punk well-dressed kid reciting the “I have a Dream” speech trying to sound like Martin Luther King with the audience clapping and some old wrinkled auntie with a smirk on her face as her nephew preaching from the podium. Real talk, I don’t know if that overrated brat and the whole audience participating are mocking Martin Luther King. However, we got kids that age here in 2012 actually building villages in Africa as we speak right now using the Internet to raise money.

    Well, Martin Luther King Jr. ain’t alive today and the only thing 83 years old is his corpse and that’s the reality. Me and you are alive today and we know damn well what’s going on around us and affecting our Black community. So what the heck we going to do, that’s the real question! So that’s why anybody who ask what MLK would do in 2012 is a straight punk coward trying to put our current 2012 on 1900s Martin Luther King Jr. who came and went already and did what he done with the life MLK had while living.

    I don’t have a dream, I have Dream and Hustle and I put in 2012 work for 2012 issues to solve 2012 problems for our people and our next generation. I do what I do and don’t need anybody approval and don’t care who don’t like me. We all know Martin Luther King had just as much Black people hating on him feeling he is a “rubble rouser”, well some of us know that. And the reason why they hating on Martin Luther King back then is why you see cats hating on stuff like Ed Dunn and Dream and Hustle because I don’t need socialite opinion to go out there and do the right thing for my people, my community and my future.

    And let me give my speech, I ain’t Martin Luther King and I know what our own people did to Malcolm X and that’s what I’m a product of and what I really know what’s real out here. In 2012, you got some fake brothas and sistas in the middle class and upper class who are just as about the “same ish, different” day angle as much as those cats in the hood who ain’t going nowhere. Some of you cats ain’t even hip to it and walking around misguided and following the wrong cats who can careless about your future or your hustle or your struggle and just want to brag they have you as their customer. And some of you going right along with that game then get mad at me because I don’t respect your cornball following behind.

    Today, we got more people around the world including the Arab Spring cats who honor and respect and study Martin Luther King Jr. and the civil rights movement to mimic their own fight for freedom. They getting machine gunned down protesting in 2012 while in 2012, we Black people too coward to take a bullet (or dish out bullets) fighting for ours here in the USA. Today, these emerging countries and economic situation is on the up, while Black people are leaving Chicago, Detroit and Los Angeles in droves. Bottom line is our people are falling because cats don’t want to step up and get frustrated and stagnant instead of try to work together and move forward.

    Martin Luther King does not know how to create wikis, but we do know how in 2012 to spread the information around and each one teach one. Martin Luther King does not have STEM educational background but we all have that at our fingertips right now to solve the majority or our problems we are dealing with. Martin Luther King did not have a chance to deal with the economic empowerment issue to address the poor people in our communities but we can handle that right now if we want to.

    We going to see on Martin Luther King National Holiday, all the cowards we got in 2012 that will ask what Martin Luther King will do if he is alive today instead of being accountable for what they themselves should be doing in 2012 in the same spirit Martin Luther King fought for to reach the goal of equality, social justice and economic empowerment for the oppressed and underprivileged.