• So, What Happens Then?

    One thing I've noticed about websites and blogs where white Americans of a certain ideological persuasion gather to bemoan and bemuse the current state of majority-black cities (often made that way through white suburban flight and loss of economic capital to other, often cheaper locals), is that for all of the symptoms they "pinpoint" and the blame they assign to the black American citizens and majority-black government, they never seem to offer a clear solution as to what they'd do about what they see as a "problem." That, and they never seem to realize the true root causes of the situation they see before them.

    Case in point is a post from "Stuff Black People Don't Like," which focuses on Detroit, an "actual black-run city" that epitomizes what the SBPDL and attendant Freeper/bigot/RWNJ crowd see as abject failure, caused solely by blacks who had the nerve to be in charge of a city that was and still remains in economic and social turmoil:

    None of this will matter once the storm hits, for, like Hurricane Katrina, all that will be left in its wake is the unvarnished truth that those on both the politically-acceptable left and right work feverishly to hide: Detroit's collapse through financial mismanagement, depleted tax-base, shuttered businesses and completely broken local economy is due 100 percent to being the crown jewel of Actual Black-Run America (ABRA).

    In other words, black leadership is the problem. There's no in-depth discussion about any inherent qualities in blacks that make them such "poor leaders," other than the typical canards about blacks being lazy, wasteful and all too willing to grift and give each other handouts - essentially a darker and more open version of GOP politicians. And there's the typical sob story about poor, defenseless white Americans being run out on a rail towards the suburbs and exurbs by an angry mob of black city-dwelling savages led by a charismatic Coleman Young holding an axe or a shotgun or some equally dangerous looking weapon blacks use to scalp their white enemies.

    And it is Detroit - on the heels of Jefferson County (home to 72 percent Black Birmingham) declaring the largest municipal bankruptcy in American history - that WILL soon run out of money and declare the same.

    Sorry, SBPDL/RWNJ folks. We all know the reason why Jefferson County went bankrupt in the first place, and it didn't have anything to do with a high melanin count. This sort of grasping for straws is why people tend not to take race-bating, dog-whistling RWNJs seriously.

    But the real problem with this entire post is that it is simply too cowardly to suggest any real solution that would please the SBPDL/RWNJ crowd and "fix" Detroit and other cities supposedly run into the ground by the so-called "ABRA." Instead, all you get is constant comparisons to cities and countries in Africa left behind in the wake of European colonial "scorched earth" flight. I bet it pains the SBPDL/RWNJ crowd to hear of Pretoria, South Africa being renamed "Tshwane." Africans reclaiming their cities and heritage from white European colonists is something that's treated with utter revulsion from those who see these people as only worth as much as the labor they can get out of them.

    Which brings me to what could be the closest admittance of what the SBPDL/RWNJ really want:

    One Detroit council member had the audacity to say the state takeover of ABRA Detroit would turn it into a "plantation," but Walter Russell Mead’s blog on The American Interest states:

    “Plantation”? “Plantation” is a colloquialism for a prosperous place where white people live good and make money from the back-breaking labor of black people.

    Detroit is a place where the predominantly black population doesn’t work but receives handouts from white middle and upper-middle class taxpayers in the form of food stamps, welfare, health benefits, etc. Rather than being prosperous, the whole thing is collapsing. “Plantation”? OK, you can start calling me a racist now. Just remember, I wasn’t the one who made this a racial issue.”

    Rachel Maddow would still find a way to spin this truth into blaming white people for the fall of Detroit because not enough money was spent on Black people.

    Being rank cowards of the highest order, they won't openly admit that what blacks need is some more time performing back-breaking labor for their own good while white Americans profit from their labors once more, for the good of society of course. They beat around the bush, blow the dog whistles and drop hints here and there, but they won't openly state exactly what they want to see of black Americans. Doing so would place them on the same social footing as the constantly discredited (and woefully open) white supremacists and unabashed bigots. There's nothing more terrifying to RWNJs as being irreparably ostracized and marginalized as open bigots of the highest order.

    You're probably wondering does it matter if they want to be open, unabashed bigots? The answer is "Yes, Virginia, you bet your sweet iced tea it does." Being a crass prototypical bigot who uses "Nigger" every fourth or fifth word is a great way to get people to STOP listening to you. These people want an audience - that's way SBPDL and the Free Republic exist in the first place. Even Stormfront seems a bit tame nowadays. This is why you'll hear Republicans call President Barack Obama every coded epithet under the sun, but you may never, ever hear them call him a Nigger in public. It would be a "I Shot Marvin in the Face" moment for whoever said it, and the resulting backlash and rallying with Obama will be nothing short of amazing.

    Now on to more contrived color-aroused stupidity:

    I live in Mississippi and it is really gut wrenching what clueless blacks have done to many cities throughout after gaining office. Rampant carelessness on the tax payer dime and outright theft.

    Add Jackson Mississippi to the list of craphole black run cities that whites are fleeing. The mayor's biggest concern for Jackson at one point not long ago was naming streets after black people, as the city sinks in a pit of blight, crime, and general decay.

    This is fundamentally how blacks are: all show, no substance, inept and all at taxpayer expense.

    Because Mississippi was a well-run utopia that was the shining example of how a state and its cities should be run, sort of how the southern debutante was the shining example of how a darling young white woman should look and behave, at least until she was despoiled by some awful Negro. Or a pack of awful Negros.

    Methinks these are the same type of anonymous commentators who shit up sensible and enlightening blogs like the Field Negro on a constant basis. And the above blockquoted proves that in many cases, color arousal and indoctrinated hatred of blacks and other dark-skinned "others" both qualify as mental illnesses worthy of being researched and treated.

    I won't delve any further into the comments, because they say the same thing while taking great pains to avoid what they really want to say. Because what they want to say is as good as putting a gun in your mouth and pulling the trigger, as far as social and media graces go. Veiled and coded bigotry is OK, but full-on open hatred is a killer.

    These people angle for a full-on collapse of Detroit and other cities, in a fit of Collapse Fetishism with copious amounts of color-arousal mixed in for seasoning. Yet when the smoke clears and the "ABRAs" are finally in ruins, no one bothers to ask the SBPDL/RWNJs "So, what happens then?" Just as the bigots who paraded New Orleans' collapse in the wake of Hurricane Katrina had absolutely nothing to say about what should happen to the Big Easy after most of the poor black population was devastated, the SBPDL/RWNJ crowd won't have anything to say about what should be done with the black ruins of Detroit - they'll be too busy getting their fix from yet another "mismanaged" majority-black city. I suppose when you come down off a color-aroused high, you never look back to the time that last hit made you feel a certain way; you're only focused on the next hit.